Gasket Compound

abe® gasket red is a single component acetoxy, high temparature resistant silicone sealant/gasketing compound.

  • abe® gasket red is a an acetoxy RTV silicone sealant which cures with atmospheric humidity to a permanently elastic seal with outstanding resistance to high temperatures, mineral oils, diluted acids, UV and weathering. 
  • Designed to withstand temperature extremes from -60ºC to +250ºC. 
  • Specially suited for applications where high temperature resistance is required like heat converters, boilers, steam piping, radiators, ovens & electrical insulations. 
  • Ideal for formed in place gaskets in the automotive field (overhead cam valve and timing chain covers, oil pans, water pumps, thermostat housings, transmission pans etc). 

Cars & Motorcycles

  • Crankcase covers, thermostat housings, rocker box covers, water pumps, timing chain covers, side plates, relay covers, solenoid covers. 
  • Engine gaskets (inboard or outboard), water seals, bilge pumps etc. Instant gasket is not affected by sea water. 
  • Ideal for making instant gaskets, sealing lamps, leaking water hoses, waterproofing electrical junctions, curing vibration and noise problems.
  • High strength, permanently elastic seal. 
  • Resistant to ozone, ultra-violet radiation and temperature extremes. 
  • Withstands repeated hot and cold cycling. 
  • Resistant to mineral oils and diluted acids. 
  • Single pack.
Surface Preparation

Surfaces must be clean, dry and free from grease, oil, dust and other contaminants. 

For use on non-porous materials such as anodized aluminium, glass and metals, these surfaces should be cleaned using a suitable solvent compatible with the substrates.

Typical Physical Properties

 Density g/cm3 

ca. 1,04 g/cm3 

Cure System 




Application temperature 

-60ºC to +250ºC 

Skin over time (23oC, 50% R.H.) 

10 minutes 

Working time 

5 minutes 

Tack-free time (23oC, 50% R.H.) 

20 minutes 

Cure rate (23oC, 50% R.H.) 

> 3mm (1 day) 5mm (2 days) 

2mm thickness S2 dumb-bells (ASTM D412) 

Elastic Modulus 100% (DIN 53504/ASTMD4) 

ca. 0,6 N/mm2 

Tensile strength (DIN 53504/ASTMD4) 

ca. 2,2 N/mm2 

Elongation @ break (DIN 53504/ASTMD4) 

ca. 500 % 

Hardness Shore A (DIN 53505) 

ca. 20º 


Surfaces must be clean, sound and dry. 

Remove nozzle, cut off the tip of the cartridge leaving the screw thread intact. Cut the nozzle to the desired size with a sharp knife of silicone cutter. Nozzle opening must be large enough to completely cover the gap between both surfaces to be sealed. For a smooth seal, point in the direction of use, pushing the nozzle ahead instead of pulling it. 

If further smoothing is desired, do this within 5 minutes, using a flat wet instrument. 

If misapplied, abe® gasket red must be removed immediately by wiping away with a paper towel. 

When fully cured, abe® gasket red can be trimmed with a sharp knife. Care must be taken to avoid damaging the seal. 


To enable components to dismantle at a later date, apply a light coating of oil to one surface only after cleaning has been completed. abe® gasket red should be applied to one surface only. The bead should 1.5mm – 3mm thick. Ensure even spread of bead, conforming to surface shape. Torque down immediately. 

Engines may be run as soon as the job has been completed, without waiting for the sealant to fully cure.

  • abe® gasket red is NOT recommended on porous substrates such as concrete, stone or marble. 
  • abe® gasket red is NOT recommended for continuous immersion in petrol. 
  • abe® gasket red is NOT recommended for use on cylinder heads, carburettors or head gaskets. 

abe® gasket red is supplied in 280ml cartridges packed in boxes of 12.

Handling & Storage

Open, unused material can be stored by allowing the abe® gasket red to cure in the nozzle, the cured plug is simply removed prior to the next usage. When stored at or below 25˚C in the original unopened containers, abe® gasket red sealant has a usable life of 12 months from the date of production. 

Health & Safety

abe® gasket red, when curing, produces acetic acid, and should not be allowed in contact with skin and eyes. Avoid inhalation of fumes. The use of gloves, eye protection and masks is advised. 

Eyes – wash immediately with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes and seek medical advice at once. 

Skin – immediately take off all contaminated clothing and have a shower. 

Ingestion – drink as much water as possible and seek medical advice. Do not induce vomitting before consulting a doctor. 

Inhalation – immediately seek medical advice, move into a well ventilated area away from the contaminated presmises. If respiration stops or is difficult, administer artificial respiration.

Important Notice

This data sheet is issued as a guide to the use of the product(s) concerned. Whilst a.b.e.® Construction Chemicals endeavors to ensure that any advice, recommendation, specification or information is accurate and correct, the company cannot – because a.b.e.® has no direct or continuous control over where and how a.b.e.® products are applied – accept any liability either directly or indirectly arising from the use of a.b.e.® products, whether or not in accordance with any advice, specification, recommendation, or information given by the company.

Further Information

Where other products are to be used in conjunction with this material, the relevant technical data sheets should be consulted to determine total requirements. a.b.e.® Construction Chemicals has a wealth of technical and practical experience built up over years in the company’s pursuit of excellence in building and construction technology.

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