Multi-functional polymer modified bitumen waterproofing membrane with a built in drainage board added mechanical protection and antiroot ideal for waterproofing below ground structures & roof gardens. 

Index Armodillo is a bitumen waterproofing membrane with integrated functions for waterproofing, drainage, & mechanical protection in a single product. Index Armodillo is manufactured from distilled bitumen specifically for industrial use. The membrane is reinforced with a puncture and tear resistant non-woven polyester fabric with high elongation. The upper dimpled face of the membrane offers protection for the membrane from perforation when it is being buried. The dimples ensure a drainage network, replacing the need for an HDPE membrane, which ensures water is drained efficiently away to perimeter drains, preventing water pooling. Dimples if torched, transform into a liquid adhesive making it possible to bond insulating panels, and non-woven fabrics such as geotextiles for filtration and other materials onto Index Armodillo.

Index Armodillo is designed to ensure that the applicator does not get his hands burnt, when bonding onto foundation walls. When laying a smooth membrane on a vertical surface, the installer can burn his hands while holding the roll, but the dimples on Index Armodillo keep the installer’s hands away from the torch making it easier and safer. The insulating product can be applied by torching without using bitumen and nails. Index Armodillo is manufactured with a 70mm indented side strip on the membrane allowing welding of the side overlaps. The lower face is covered by Flamina, which is a plastic film that indicates the correct application of the membrane onto the substrate to ensure that over burning does not occur.

Application Fields

Index Armodillo can be used on both flat and vertical areas of a building, either alone or with other membranes as a waterproofing protective and drainage layer. The special configuration of the upper face, similar to the plates of an Armadillo’s shell, from where the name of the membrane comes, protects the membrane while it is being laid underground. Below you will find the main fields of use for Index Armodillo for which four stratigraphic systems have been planned:

Dry-Out: For waterproofing and draining foundation walls.
Dry-In: For the hygienic refurbishment of damp cellars.

Method of Use and Precautions

Index Armodillo is normally heat fused to the foundation walls, but it can also be nailed down although this will make the membrane more prone to tearing when it is covered with soil and by settlement of the structure.

  • A waterproofing, protective and draining layer in one multifunctional product.
  • The protective plates are liquid adhesive when torched so, no additional cost for adhesives. You can bond other materials that won’t move during refilling.
  • Multifunctional waterproofing and draining membrane: foundation walls, cellars, roof gardens, underfloor.
  • The insulated rustications protect the hands of the installer from burns.
  • It resists higher puncturing compared to HDPE products.
Technical Characteristics
Standard T armadillo polyester
Reinforcement     “Non-woven” Spunbond polyester
Weight EN 1849-1 ±10% 5.0 kg/m2
Roll size EN 1848-1 ? 1×7.5 m


• after ageing
EN 1928 – B
EN 1926-1928
60 kPa60 kPa
Shear resistance L/T EN 12317-1 -20% 500/300 N/50mm
Maximum tensile force L/T EN 12311-1 -20% 600/400 N/50mm
Elongation L/T EN 12311-1 -15% V.A. 35/40%
Resistance to impact EN 12691-A 1 250 mm  
Resistance to static loading EN 12730-A   25 kg
Resistance to tearing (nail shank) L/T EN 12310-1 -30% 170/170 N
Flexibility to low temperature EN 1109 > NPD
Reaction to fire Euroclass EN 13501-1   E
Thermal Specifications
Thermal conductivity     0.2 W/mK
Heat capacity     6.50 KJ/K

Compliant with EN 13707 in terms of the resistance factor to steam penetration for reinforced polymer-bitumen membranes, the value of ? = 20 000 may be considered, unless declared otherwise.

Important Note

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Further Information

Where other products are to be used in conjunction with this material, the relevant technical data sheets should be consulted to determine total requirements. a.b.e.® Construction Chemicals has a wealth of technical and practical experience built up over years in the company’s pursuit of excellence in building and construction technology.