Surface Preparation

Surface areas should be dry, clean and sound, free of voids, sharp protrusions or contaminants. The surfaces shall have a wooden float finish, laid to a minimum fall of 1:60.


Prime all surfaces with bitu.®prime, including all verges and around outlets and protrusions and allow the solvent to flash off. Extremely porous surfaces should be re-primed. 


Index Testudo 20/4mm, South African Agrement Certified (Certificate No. 97/262) Apply a single layer of Index Testudo 20/4mm non-woven polyester reinforced membrane, fully bonded by means of torch on fusion with side laps of 100mm and end laps of 150mm respectively. All upturns to be a minimum of 150mm onto parapet walls. Hot premix can be applied directly onto the Index Testudo system. The thickness of the premix screed is determined by the engineer/architect concerned.


Use super laycryl or super laykold flashing system with abe® membrane in conjunction with the plain finish.


A 10 year back to back insurance guarantee is effective on condition that work shall only be installed by contractors accredited by a.b.e.® Construction Chemicals Limited

Care must always be taken when working with open flames, potential fire hazard, and molten bitumen from the process, employ safety equipment and clothing where necessary. 

Special care must be given to all expansion/construction joints refer to your a.b.e.® Construction Chemicals’ Technical Representative concerned for specific details. 

All the products are to be applied in accordance with the manufactures instructions. 

Data sheets are to be read carefully for additional information. 

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