a.b.e.® Construction Chemicals recently celebrated a remarkable milestone: sales of its renowned index bitumen waterproofing membranes passed the 2 million rolls mark.

a.b.e.®, part of the Chryso Southern Africa Group, signed an agreement with the Italian company, index, the world’s leading producer of bitumen membranes, in 1966.

Lance Anderson, a.b.e.®’s Brand Manager: Waterproofing, says the two million rolls of index rolls would, in extent, have been sufficient to cover nearly 20 million square metres of waterproofing on a wide variety of structures ranging from domestic dwellings, commercial and industrial premises, as well as dams and reservoirs. “The bulk of the index waterproofing applications for which a.b.e. supplied the products took place in South Africa and SADC countries with a portion also used in other parts of the African continent,” he states.

“As partners with index, a.b.e.® has access to on-going research and development to produce world class products that meet the needs of our customers and provide top performance for exceptionally long period in demanding environments.”

The index range distributed by a.b.e.® covers a wide range of products that include:

  • index defend antiradice (anti-root) P – a polymer-bitumen, elasto-plastomeric waterproofing membrane with anti-root additive, reinforced with a non-woven single strand spun bond extruded polyester fabric designed for waterproofing planter boxes and roof gardens;
  • index testudo – elasto-plastomeric polymer-bitumen waterproofing membrane designed for waterproofing car parking decks, bridges, viaducts etc under hot premix asphalt, water works, foundations, below ground tanking, and industrial and commercial applications that conventional membranes have difficulty waterproofing;
  • index fidia P & MS – polymer bitumen waterproofing membrances designed for continuous waterproofing on flat concrete decks, foundations, and tunnels;
  • index helasta P4 – polyester 4mm thermoplastic rubber waterproofing membranes with high elasticity for waterproofing construction joints on decks;
  • index indextene – self-adhesive bituminouos membrane designed to waterproof structures where the use of open flame is prohibited by means of a high adhesive bonding strength based on the ‘peel-and-stick’ method;
  • index selftene – self-adhesive waterproofing elastomeric membrane in polymer-bitumen with the  lower face coated with a self-adhesive elastomeric mass for waterproofing structures where flaked flame is prohibited;
  • index unigum biarmato & MS – reinforced polymer-bitumen waterproofing membranes ideally suited for waterproofing applications in hot climatic regions on flat concrete decks, tanking, tunnels, dams etc;
  • index VIS P & Vis P – reinforced plastomeric polymer-bitumen waterproofing membranes for general use.

Many of the index product variants are offered in a mineral slate (MS) version which reduces long-term maintenance costs because of their resistance to UV radiation.

index waterproofing membranes are manufactured by Index Construction Products SpA of Italy, the largest producer of modified reinforced membranes in the world with a product range covering every aspect of the building and construction industries. The company – which operates in over 90 countries – has many decades of expertise in developing specific use bituminous waterproofing membranes and systems.  Its products have been independently tested by over 25 respected testing institutions worldwide and conform to the most stringent global standards.

“index also offers insurance-backed product guarantees on all the membranes in its range. Technical solutions to installations are offered through a.b.e.® Technical Representatives who are trained in all aspects of index/a.b.e.® products. a.b.e.® has had a long association with index and will continue to build the brand in South Africa through the launch of new products in the index range later this year,” Anderson adds.

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