All Waterproofing Products

a.b.e.® Construction Chemicals‘ range of waterproofing products and systems include specialised bituminous sheets, liquids, putties, cementitious based products and silanes. Bituminous sheet products are used to waterproof flat roofs, basement walls and to line earth dams and canals.

Liquid systems and putties including acrylics, solvent-based bitumens and water-based rubberized acrylic modified bitumens which are used to seal parapet walls, small flat roofs, roof bolts, flashings and ponds.

Cementitious slurry products are used to waterproof basements, foundations, tunnels, retaining walls, brickwalls and other underground structures.

The silane systems are used to prevent water penetration of brick and natural stone.

An overview of which products are suitable for specific applications

Liquid Applications
Parapet wall encapsulation Economical, acrylic, range of colours Acrylic hydroproof
Primer for bitumen overlays or coatings Consolidation of surface & preparation Bitumen bitu.®prime
Water reservoirs & towers, water retention tanks, under ceramic tiles on concrete exposed slabs High abrasive strength, flexible, potable water, grey Cementitious dura.®proof hydrokote
Showers, fish ponds, reservoirs, water structures Elastomeric, potable water, grey dura.®flex
Concrete, plaster & brick surfaces, dams, ponds, basements, sewage plants, supporting walls Internal & external, potable water, grey, rigid dura.®slurry
Protective coatings for bitumen Flexible, light reflective, UV protection Bitumen/Aluminium silvakote,
silvakote eco
Flashings, parapet walls, protective coating, sealing of joints, laps & roof screws on corrugated roofs Flexible, coloured, UV protection, excellent weathering Bitumen/Acrylic super laycryl
Flashings, fish ponds, earth dam linings, areas of total immersion, joints, laps, roof screws on corrugated roofs Flexible, rubberised, potable water Bitumen super laykold
Concrete beams & pillars in contact with exterior brickwork, waterproof barrier Flexible, heavy duty, single pack, quick drying brixeal
Heavy duty mastic sealer & repair compound to seal most roofing defects Solvent based, asbestos free, reinforced bituminous mastic bitu.®seal plastic
Water repellant for concrete & masonry Clear, non-staining Silane/Siloxane wallseal


Torched Membranes
General waterproofing, flat roofs (suited for hotter climatic conditions) Twin carrier, low maintenance, mineral surface Bitumen membrane abe® unigum MS
General waterproofing, flat roofs, (suited for hotter climatic conditions) Twin carrier, smooth surface, hard compound strength Bitumen membrane abe® unigum
Roof gardens & planter boxes Anti-root Index Defend Antiroot P
Flat & inverted roof systems, dam linings Flexible compound strength Index Fidia P
Flat & inverted roof systems Low maintenance, mineral surface Index Fidia MS
Expansion joints High flexibility Index Helasta P4
Under trafficable overlays, asphalt, pavers etc Excellent heat & abrasion resistance, hot asphalt tolerant Index Testudo
Basement tanking Rot proof Index Testudo


Cold Applied Membranes
Geotextile for drainage, filtration, separation & protection Non-woven, needle-punched, continuous filament Polyester Bidim®
Reinforcing membrane for a.b.e.® cementitious waterproofing systems i.e. dura.®flex Non-woven, needle-punched, continuous filament Polypropylene ecofelt
Self adhesive bitumen membranes Flame free, high mechanical resistance & dimensional stability Bitumen membrane Index Indextene/ selftene
Damp proofing 2 ply, 3 ply, 5 ply Malthoid 2 ply
Malthoid 3 ply
Malthoid 5 ply
Slate roofing Aluminium faced waterproofing slatex 2000
Counter flashing of torch applied membranes, parapets & flat roof repairs Paintable, self-adhesive, flexible abe® universal flashing tape
Flashing tapes Self adhesive, aluminium faced super laykold tape


Terraces, flat roofs, roof gardens & planters, retaining walls, tanking High compressive strength HDPE membrane & geotextile abe.® drain (8mm)
Roof gardens drainage (green roofs) Dimpled for high water flow, HDPE membrane & geotextile abe.® drain G
Roof gardens & planter boxes to prevent water stagnation Dimples retain water & excess water is drained – anti stagnation HDPE membrane & perforations abe.® drain 20 P
Terraces, flat roofs, roof gardens & planters, retaining walls, tanking 20mm raised dimple for extra drainage capacity, HDPE membrane abe.® drain 20


Eco Waterproofing
Existing and new roof areas Flexible, crack bridging, UV resistant, low VOC Acrylic abe.® proof acrylic
Primer, sealer & bonding agent for abe.®proof liquid acrylic systems Water based, non-toxic & excellent bonding abe.® proof acrylic primer
Below ground concrete basement structures Crystalline waterproofing of positive & negative side Cementitious dura.® proof krystalkote
Waterproofing of decks under ceramic tiles High flexibility & excellent bonding with tile adhesives dura.® proof dekflex
Concrete deck waterproofing Seamless coating Polyurethane abe.® proof PU eco


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