Products from the Chryso South Africa Group and its subsidiary, a.b.e.®, were used for the refurbishment of the flooring at one of the Western Cape’s most popular wedding and functions venues, Murasie, in the Overberg.

Johnie Emmerich, Technical Sales Consultant: Flooring for a.b.e.® in the Western Cape, says work has been completed on 350m² flooring in the main function hall at Murasie, at Korsika Farm, about 20kms from Gansbaai. The products applied in-house under Emmerich’s supervision were:

abe.®screed SLC acrylic primer;
abe.®screed dura.®top; and
Chryso®’s Finisol Brut.

“After mechanical vacuum grinding, the exposed concrete floor received a double coating of abe.®screed SLC acrylic primer, followed by an 8mm application of abe.®screed dura.®top. Finally, the floor was sealed with Finisol Brut,” Emmerich explained.

abe.®screed SLC acrylic primer helped to improve abe.®screed dura.®top’s adhesion to the concrete substrate, reduced surface absorbency, and sealed the substrate.

The main product for the flooring renovation was abe.®screed dura.®top. This is a quick-hardening, self-smoothing cement-based overlay used to level floors at function venues, warehouses, factories, and workshops. It structurally strengthens the floor, adding increased resistance to wear and chemical attack. The fast-track product dries quickly and self-levels at 8mm.

“An important advantage for a wedding venue that is used almost weekly is that the abe.®screed dura.®top floors could be walked on 24 hours after application. The actual application also is very simple and can be done either by hand or pump by relatively unskilled personnel under suitable supervision. abe.®screed dura.®top is one of a.b.e.®’s new range of dustless cementitious products so this helped to reduce health risks and contamination of the enclosed venue during the application by the Korsika Farm staff,” Emmerich states.

Finally, two coats of the water-based, film-forming sealant, CHRYSO® Finisol Brut, was applied to protect the concrete floor and add toughness, abrasion- and wear-resistance. “In addition to its role as protective sealant of the floors at Murasie, CHRYSO® Finisol Brut is designed to protect aesthetic concrete surfaces – such as exposed aggregate walkways and facades – especially at early stages from 12 to 24 hours after casting,” he added.

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