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abedex torch-applied waterproofing membranes

Include a reinforced anti-root membrane, an asphalt tolerant membrane, a high movement membrane, a dual reinforced membrane, and different single reinforced membranes.

Quality Silicone and Adhesive Products

Indoor and outdoor use


protective and decorative, oil-resistant coating


Roof paint suitable for cementitious, tiled or galvanised well drained roofs


acrylic waterproofing PLUS free membrane

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and is now moving towards a century of operations, as part of Saint-Gobain.

Why waterproofing is the better choice

There is a subtle difference between damp proofing and waterproofing.

bitu.seal plastic

General purpose bitumen mastic sealer and repair compound.

abe.® PU liquid rubber

High performance Eco friendly PU liquid applied waterproofing membrane.

abe.® screed SLC P 15 and 25

Quick setting, self-levelling flooring screed at 15 MPa or 25MPa

Waterproof the abe.® way
Why waterproofing is the better choice
abe.®cote 337 tough epoxy paint
Water dispersed epoxy emulsion paint smooth finish
Epidermix 372 & 318

General epoxy adhesive for most materials

dura.rep FR

Fibre-reinforced structural repair mortar.

CHRYSO VerticArt

A mortar specifically designed to create unique vertical surfaces.


 Cementitious based decorative waterproofing coating.


Multi-purpose, lightweight, high strength finishing plaster.

Polyurea Technology

Polyurea high performance system coatings

QuickFloor System

Solvent free, low odor, high performance, rapid curing flooring product

QuickFloor’s outstanding properties

New Era Flooring System

Saving costs and downtime

abe.®dura proof cem block

Powdered waterproofing admixture for plasters and mortars.


The particles have the property of absorbing UV light (natural or artificial) during the day and emit some visible light in a dark or very low light environment.


A flexible water based acrylic compound, which is used together with abe® membrane to provide a seamless liquid waterproofing system.

carbolineum & creosote

Coal tar wood preservative.


abe.®bond plasta enhancer

Acrylic Plaster Primer & Mortar Enhancer.

abe.® Painters Acrylic

Ideal for use on door and window frames, skirting boards, ceilings, walls architraves and plasterboard.

abe.®proof liquid membrane system

Highly elastic, durable, low maintenance liquid membrane for waterproofing.

abe.® dura grout GP (Non-shrink Cementitious Grout)

A ready-for-use (merely add water) Portland cement-based grouting compound. 

abe.® screed SLC P 35 MPa (Self Levelling Compound Pumpable)

Self-levelling compound pumpable (SLC P) Fast-track self-levelling screed.

abe.® CEM-blanc

A general purpose white Portland cement, specially manufactured to provide superior early strength with the added advantage of providing a wide range of aesthetic and decorative opportunities due to its key features of whiteness, high strength and durability.

abe.®cron LA

A non-metallic modified level assisting natural aggregate dry shake surface hardener, a ready to use product for hardening concrete floors. Uses include hardening indoor and outdoor concrete surfaces subject to light or moderate traffic.


duraflex® is a ready to use flexible slurry based on a special synthetic resin dispersion and a blend of selected cements mixed with carefully graded aggregate.

abe® peel & stick membrane

abe® peel & stick membrane easy to apply no special equipment required, just measure, cut, peel and stick.

flexothane 27

Polyurethane Construction Sealant.

Renowned and trusted since 1939

Innovative Solutions

Wide range of products

super laykold

super laykold is a rubberised bitumen emulsion, which is used together with abe® membrane to provide a liquid waterproofing system. super laykold is koi fish friendly.


High Performance Coating Systems from VIP Germany.

Dustless Technology

a.b.e.® Construction Chemicals offers a range of dustless products, the solution to all your dust problems.

abe chemical anchor GP

Chemical anchor based on two part Polyester Resin, styrene free..

REVIT Drawings

Specifications made easy with a.b.e. Construction Chemicals.

super laykold spray & seal

A solvent based rubberised waterproofing compound that can be spray applied.