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Silicones, Sealants and Adhesives

a.b.e.® Construction Chemicals‘ range of applied sealants is based on modified bitumens, tars, acrylics, silicones, modified epoxies, polysulphides and polyurethanes, with a.b.e.® currently the leading distributor of PVC, rubber and hydrophilic waterstops.

Examples of typical applications are sealing of joints in road surfaces, runways and airport hangars, sealing of construction joints in walls and floors in commercial and industrial buildings.

In addition products are used for houses, water reservoirs and sewage processing structures, sealing around general household sanitary ware and certain automotive applications.

Low Movement Expansion & Contraction Joints
Chemical plants and high trafficked joints Chemical resistant, damp substrate bonding Polyurethane/Epoxy/Tar flexothane CTW
Chemical plants, factory & warehouse floors Fuel, chemical & abrasion resistant Polyurethane/Epoxy flexothane EPU
Reinforcing joint filler for heavy wheeled traffic floors, semi-rigid, 65 Shore A hardness Polyurethane

flexothane 65 P

Reinforcing joint filler for heavy wheeled traffic floors, semi-rigid, 80 Shore A hardnenss

flexothane 80 P

High Temperature Resistant
Silicone sealant/gasketing compound From -60°C to + 250°C constant and +300°C intermittent Silicone rubber abe® gasket red
Fire Resistant
Fire rated inumescent acrylic sealant One part acrylic with a fire rating of up to 2 hours Acrylic DOWSIL® firestop 400
Neutral curing fire rated silicone sealant One part silicone rubber with up to a 4 hour fire rating Silicone DOWSIL® firestop 700
General filling of cavaties, cracks and holes Epanding polyurethane foam for filling of voids Polyurethane abe® pu filler foam
Slot sealing compound in roads, runways, hardstands, aprons & car parks Cold applied, pourable, self-levelling & fast setting Epoxy Tar epidermix 316
Joining metal or cementitious water main pipe sections Epoxy adhesive/grout and patching compound Epoxy epidermix 338
Structural adhesive for most building materials Structural dry to dry epoxy adhesive Polyurethane Modified Epoxy epidermix 350
Adhesive, filler and grouting medium General purpose adhesive for most materials Epoxy epidermix 372
Fixing 22mm woodblock flooring Economical solvent free woodblock adhesive Bitumen grip-a-bloc
Wet and dry bonding and sealing Bonds and seals most materials Scypolymer theWORKS
Manhole Sealants & Butyls
Manhole and concrete butt joint sealing Cold applied pre-formed pressure sensitive sealant Bitumen abe® bitumen manhole sealer
Manhole and low movement vertical and inclined joints Cold applied jointing compound Modified bitumen abe® bitu.®joint putty
Sealing of concrete butt joints in precast elements Cold applied solvent free pre-formed butyl sealant Butyl rubber abe® butyl joint sealer
General Sealing
Gap filling, paintable sealant Fast cure, flexible, paintable Acrylic abe® acrylic
abe® PAINTERS acrylic
abe® paintersmate
Non-porous, non-cementitious materials High strength, 100% silicone, MAF 25% Acetoxy DOWSILTM 781
Porous and non-porous surfaces Weatherseals, non corrosive, low odour Neutral Cure DOWSILTM 799
Weatherseals, expansion and perimeter joints DOWSILTM 813C
Construction joint sealer and crack filler, wide movement areas Hybrid flexothane 15
Construction joint sealer, crack filler and adhesive, low movement areas, 45 Shore A hardness Hybrid flexothane 45
Structural Glazing
Structural bonding of glass and metal One component, high tensile strength, single part Neutral Cure DOWSIL® 895
Structural bonding of glass and metal Two component, pump applied DOWSIL® 993
Insulated Glazing
Insulated glazing for commercial & residential Extreme temperature applications, single part Neutral Cure DOWSIL® 3540
Insulated glazing sealant for structural glazing Low water absorption, secondary seal for IG units DOWSIL® 3362
For forming expansion joints or as backing material for joints Suitable for water retaining structures
(dura.sheet 100)
Polyurethane dura.cord &dura.sheet 40/100
Medium Movement Expansion & Contraction Joints
Civil engineering structures, reservoirs & floors Chemical, biological resistance & potable water Polysulphide dura.kol G HM
High rise structures, floor & general building joints Water and certain chemical resistance dura.kol G LM
Floors, canals and horizontal joints Pourable, self levelling joint sealant dura.kol P LM
Concrete, brickwork, steel, aluminium & ceramic tiles Elastomeric, low modulus, moisture curing Polyurethane flexothane 1
Concrete, brickwork, steel, aluminium & ceramic tiles Elastic, low modulus, gun grade moisture curing flexothane 27
Civil engineering structures, reservoirs & floors Raw water, sewage & reticulation works flexothane G
Civil engineering structures, reservoirs & floors Raw water, sewage works, bacteria resistance flexothane P
Pavements, garage forecourts, fuel depots Flexible, self levelling, fuel & chemical resistance Polyurethane/Tar flexothane HS
Panel Bonding
For panel bonding applications that require high durability and fast handling Instant green strength directly after application Neutral cure DowSil™ 896 PanelFix
Suitable for cladding panels in rain screen/ventilated facade designs Provide load support for panel bonding applications Spacer tape DowSil™ PanelFix Tape
Adhesion promoter for use on natural stone, masonry and glass fibre-reinforced concrete Resists adhesion degradation due to water immersion Silane Resin DowsSil™ Primer P
High Movement Construction & Expansion Joints
Concrete contraction and expansion joints Seals irregular surfaces, fuel resistant, UV stable Silicone DOWSIL® 888
Concrete & Asphalt construction & expansion joints Seals irregular surfaces, fuel resistant, self levelling DOWSIL® 890 SL
Concrete & Steel bridge expansion joints Seals irregular surfaces, self levelling, rapid cure DOWSIL® 902 RCS

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