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Concrete Repair & Protection Products

a.b.e.® Construction Chemicals’ range of concrete repair products is based on epoxies, synthetic resins, silanes and cementitious materials.

Applications include flexible slurries and coatings for protecting and waterproofing the concrete of bridges, silos, building and water containment structures against attack from their environment, a complete system for the rehabilitation of spalled concrete and fast setting patching mortars.

Crack Injection
Widths > 0.1 mm High viscosity crack stabiliser Epoxy epidermix 365
Widths < 0.1 mm Low viscosity crack stabiliser epidermix 389
Fairing & Reprofiling
Smoothing surface imperfections & blowholes Thin coat, high strength, feather edge Cementitious dura.rep FC
High strength, feather edge, damp substrate Epoxy epidermix 505
Primers / Adhesives
Steel reinforcing protection Zinc rich passivating coating Epoxy dura.rep ZR primer
Concrete substrates, wet to dry adhesive Shorter open time Acrylic GP
Medium open time Epoxy epidermix 344
Long open time epidermix 345
Adhesive, filler and grouting medium General purpose adhesive for most materials epidermix 372
Bonding & filling of most construction materials, including concrete to asphalt & tack-bonding of rubber Solvent free, filled amine cured mastic Epoxy Tar epidermix 315
Additive/bonding primer for cement mortars & screeds Improves adhesion, tensile & flexural strengths of sand/cement mixtures permitting thin layers Synthetic resin polymer dura.latex
Protective Coatings
Carbonation, chloride & other waterborne contaminants barrier Coloured, UV stable, flexible Acrylic duracote WB
Concrete, masonry structures, protection against carbonation, chloride & other waterborne contaminants Elastomeric, crack bridging, UV stable Cementitious abe® silocoat
Waterproofing, protection & repair of new & old concrete structures internally & externally Flexible, non-toxic, excellent bond to concrete Cementitious dura.flex®
Sealing, laminating, screeding & tile grouting Solvent free, novolac modified, high chemical resistance Epoxy abe.®cote SF 217
Coating/mortar for protection of asphalt against oil & chemical resistance to concrete & steel Good wear and chemical resistance Coal tar epoxy abe.®cote SF 356
Repair Mortars
Structural reinstatement vertically & overhead & honeycomb repairs High strength, dual expansion + MCI Cementitious dura.rep GT – MCI
High strength, fibre reinforced, high build dura.rep FR
Concrete pavements & shuttered structural repairs High strength, fluid micro concrete dura.rep FMC
Plugging holes & running water 1 min. set, impervious dura.rep 60 & 180
3 min. set, impervious dura.rep 60 & 180
Lightweight reinstatement mortar for vertical/overhead repairs High strength, chemical resistant, 50mm thick in one pass Epoxy epidermix 510
Reinstatement of manholes, sewer outfalls, chemical spillage areas Early strength, chemical & abrasion resistance lining epidermix 500
Repairs to precast units, stair treads, joint arises, honeycomb, weirs & spillways & chemical resistant areas High early strength, cures in damp conditions epidermix 525
Adhesive/Repair to patching defects in concrete & fibre cement, fabricating components High early strength & chemical resistant epidermix 318
Bedding mortar/adhesive to patching precast units, concrete surfaces, stair treads, joint arises, honeycombed concrete High early strength, cures in damp conditions epidermix 319
Structural reinstatement to vertical, overhead defects, honeycomb & spall repairs High early strength, putty consistency, cures in damp conditions epidermix 314

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