a.b.e.® supplied three key products for the refurbishment of the floors of the popular Panama Jacks restaurant at Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront.

For the new flooring, a.b.e.® – part of the CHRYSO Southern Africa Group – supplied:
* abe.®cote primer;
* abe.®flo HPU; and
* Dow Corning 813.

Johnie Emmerich, Technical Sales Consultant for a.b.e.® in the Western Cape, said after the company’s approved applicators, Jaymark, had mechanically ground the 350m² existing concrete floors at Panama Jacks’ Cruise Ship Terminal operations, the surfaces were then covered with abe.®cote primer, a solvent-free epoxy.

abe.®cote is commonly used as part of a.b.e.® various epoxy flooring applications such as screeds, self-levelling and coating systems. It is an economical, low odour primer that is solvent-free and easy to apply,” Emmerich said.
After this application, Jaymark trowel-applied a 4mm topping of abe.®flo HPU; (high build polyurethane) to provide a heavy-duty, hard-wearing floor finish.

abe.®flo HPU; has exceptional chemical resistance so is the ideal product for areas such as restaurant kitchens and dining areas where hot fluid and other spillages cannot be avoided. Also, important for restaurant flooring, is the fact that the product provides a seamless, hygienic finish without any crevices where bacteria and dirt can collect. abe.®flo HPU; surfaces are easy to clean and sterilise and have high abrasion resistance,” Emmerich explained. “The product is widely used in chemical processing plants, pharmaceutical production facilities and food processing factories, which include projects like Zandham Cheese, D Lunds egg farm, SAPS floor, Clarkson Amafengu school .”

Other features of the four component polyurethane self-smoothing topping include:
* Availability in a wide range of matt colours;
* Thermal shock resistance;
* Impact resistance; and
* Low odour during installation.

The final product supplied by a.b.e.® was the company’s Dow Corning 813 silicone sealant, used by Jaymark for the sealing and bonding of the floors’ expansion joints.

“The 100% silicone rubber sealant adheres to both porous and non-porous substrates including concrete, stone masonry, brick, aluminium, UPVC, wood glass and glazed surfaces. It is capable of +50% movement of the original joint width,” Emmerich added.

Jaymark, a.b.e.®‘s selected applicator for the project, has expanded and diversified its services from being one of the leading waterproofing companies in the Cape Peninsula to the handling of projects calling for flooring, roofing, decorating, concrete repairs and restoration.

abe-sasol-waterproof abe-sasol-waterproof-2

abe-sasol-waterproof abe-sasol-waterproof-2