Two products supplied bya.b.e.® are being used for the construction of the new R12 billion Kathu Solar Park in the Northern Cape.

a.b.e.® is part of the CHRYSO Southern Africa Group.

Cynthia Nel, a.b.e.® branch manager in Bloemfontein, says the company is supplying abe®flo epoxy self-levelling flooring system on an ongoing basis to the main contractor, Maracof South Africa, for the massive project which will generate 100MW of solar power, sufficient to provide uninterrupted electricity for tens of thousands of households. “To date, abe®flo self-levelling flooring system to cover an area of over 1 500m² has been supplied, and we expect to provide additional supplies as the project continues,” Cynthia explained.

a.b.e.®is also supplying Maracof South Africa with dura.®joint polyvinyl chloride (PVC) waterstops for the Kathu Solar Park.

The high-tech power plant will generate electricity based on a ‘molten salt’ principle which, unlike ordinary solar power, is not an intermittent power supply. Radiation from the sun heats up a molten salt solution and the heat is then stored in a massive molten salt “battery” and released via generators when required.

The new plant is located 10kms from the Kalahari town of Kathu, on a farm of about 1900 hectares, of which a substantial part will now accommodate solar panels (“parabolic troughs” or, in layman’s terms, curved mirrors) to harvest the rays of the sun.

Crouzer Scholtz, a.b.e.® Techncial Sales Consultant in Bloemfontein, says abe®flo is a four-component solvent-free self-levelling flooring surface system that has been extensively applied throughout South Africa. “The system comprises a clear resin and hardener system, pre-packed blended aggregate and pigment paste. It has high hygiene standards with strong colour retention. Apart from industrial flooring, abe®flo has also been successfully specified for hospitals, schools, showrooms, laboratories, supermarkets and garages,” Crouzer stated.

abe®flo is chemical resistant and its seamless flooring has aesthetic as well hygienic qualities.

a.b.e.®‘s dura.®joint polyvinyl chloride (PVC) waterstops are extruded from specially formulated PVC material which is flexible and easily welded on site to provide waterproofing of water-retaining or water-excluding structures.

a.b.e.®‘s waterstops are suitable for dams, reservoirs, water towers, canals; as well as basements, car parks, or retaining walls. At Kathu Solar Park, the product is being used to prevent the ingress and regress of liquid through the heated molten salt that distributes the energy to drive the generators,” Scholtz explained.

The dura.®joint waterstop range range is extruded from specially formulated PVC material which, whilst flexible, is easily welded on site to provide the primary seal in the waterproofing of water retaining and/or water excluding structures.

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a.b.e.®s abe®flo epoxy self-levelling floor system before the section of Kathu Solar Park pictured is enclosed and covered. The flooring is being used for various areas of Kathu, including workshops and staff canteens.