a.b.e.® produces two proven waterproofing products, super laykold and duraflex®,  which – in addition to sealing roofs – have also become extremely popular for waterproofing water features and fish ponds at both commercial and domestic installations. .a.b.e.® (part of the Chryso Southern Africa Group) started producing super laykold more than 70 years ago, and the product has over the years virtually become synonymous with waterproofing for both the construction industry and the DIY enthusiast. Another a.b.e.® product widely used for sealing water features is duraflex®, which is robust enough to even handle the waterproofing of reservoirs.

Elrene Smuts, a.b.e.®’s Marketing & Communications Manager, says: “super laykold provides outstanding adhesion and is tough, flexible, and suitable for total water immersion which many projects call for. In addition to its suitability for sealing water features, the product can also be used for the waterproofing of parapet walls, flat roofs, as well as sealing joints, laps and roofing screws on corrugated roofs. “Among super laykold’s advantages is that it is an all-in-one system so – apart from metal surfaces – there is no need to apply separate primers,” Smuts adds. super laykold is an elastic, rubberised bitumen emulsion which is used together with a.b.e.® membrane to provide a liquid waterproofing system used by generations of South Africans. The product is non-toxic and when cured, safe to seal koi or goldfish ponds. It is packaged in one litre, five litre, 20 litre and 200 litre containers. a.b.e.®’s duraflex® is a ready-to-use two-component, cementitious flexible waterproofing slurry based on a special synthetic resin dispersion. It contains a blend of selected cements mixed with carefully graded aggregates, and should be block brush applied. On completion, duraflex® can be tiled over or painted with a high quality PVA acrylic paint.

Apart from waterproofing of ponds, water features, tanks, containers, and water reservoirs, duraflex® can also be used for:

    • Pre-emptive waterproofing of new and old buildings (internal and external);
    • Waterproofing of buildings to treat damp;
    • Protection and repair of balconies; and
    • Waterproofing of balconies and showers under ceramic tiles, terraces and haunching concrete of roads and bridges.

Among duraflex®‘s many features are:

  • High bond strength;
  • Excellent freeze/thaw resistance;
  • Strong resistance to chloride ion penetration;
  • Self-curing and requires no priming;
  • Non-toxic and approved for use in potable water systems.