a.b.e.® supplied a wide range of waterproofing and concrete repair products for the refurbishment of dozens of grain silos at SAB Miller breweries in Caledon, Western Cape.

a.b.e.® is part of the Chryso Southern Africa Group.

Steff Dalton, a.b.e.® Technical Sales Consultant, says for the waterproofing of the 56 silos, a.b.e.® Index Fidia P thick non-woven polyester reinforced membrane was applied to the silo walls in 4mm thickness by torch-on fusion by the applicators, Vertical Logic, who had to access the 34m high silos via rope access.

“Index Fidia P membrane is manufactured from a compound of distilled bitumen and polymers. After mixing, the polymers are evenly dispersed throughout the matrix and provides the product with excellent stability and durability at both high and low temperatures,” Dalton states.

He says the upper face of Index Fidia P’s membrane is treated with serigraph talc, which prevents problems when unrolling the product. The lower face is covered with a sacrificial polyethylene film and the roll is then embossed. “The embossing assists in the rapid burn-off of the polyethylene film in the torching operation and allows good vapour diffusion.”

a.b.e.® silvakote bituminous aluminium protective coating, as well as a.b.e.® super laykold and a.b.e.® super laycryl were applied as additional waterproofing to a total area of almost 3000m².

For the concrete repair part of the project, a.b.e.® supplied epidermix 344, dura.®rep FR, epidermix 389, Dow Corning 888, and dura.®bond GP:

a.b.e.® epidermix 344 is a two component, solvent free, polysulphide modified epoxy adhesive. It can bond fresh (plastic) concrete to existing concrete, plaster or brickwork and provide a damp-proof barrier in the concrete matrix;
a.b.e.® dura.®rep FR is a polymer modified, fibre-reinforced structural repair mortar which is chloride free, ready-to-use, and non-shrinking;
a.b.e.® epidermix 389, used for the sealing of the concrete cracks, is a two component, low viscosity modified epoxy crack injection compound;
Dow Corning 888 silicone sealant was used for the sealing of joints totalling about 140m in length. a.b.e.®’s dura.®bond GP was used as a primer/bonding medium for the concrete repairs.

Dalton specified the product packages for both the waterproofing and concrete repair work and trained Vertical Logic, who are now approved a.b.e.® applicators. The Cape Town-based company provides rope access services to industries for work in areas where it is not practical to use traditional methods of access such as scaffolding or hoists.

a.b.e.® will this year provide a.b.e.® silocoat elastomeric cementitious coating for the second phase of the silo complex refurbishment at the breweries. The coating has been designed to be easily mixed on-site using a slow speed drill and paddle, and when applied to the silos’ substrate forms an elastomeric impermeable membrane.

Some of the features of a.b.e.® silocoat include:

• Withstands high positive and negative hydrostatic pressures;
• Effective barrier to sulphates and chlorides and low pH;
• Excellent crack accommodation after immersion;
• Long working life;
• Bonds to green or damp concrete; and easy application by brush, roller or spray.

abe-sasol-waterproof abe-sasol-waterproof-2

56 Silos, 3000m²


  • Index Fidia P
  • super laykold
  • super laycryl
  • epidermix 344l
  • dura.®rep FRl
  • epidermix 389
  • , Dow Corning 888
  • dura.®bond GP