a.b.e.® Construction Chemicals has started the local manufacture of duraproof krystalkote, an internationally renowned cementitious waterproofing system which protects and waterproof concrete structures through a process of crystallisation.

a.b.e.® is part of the Chryso Southern Africa Group and has for decades produced acclaimed waterproofing products for the local commercial, industrial and residential markets.

Lance Anderson, a.b.e.® Brand Manager: Waterproofing, says environmentally-friendly duraproof krystalkote will now be produced at the company’s factory in Boksburg following a “black box” agreement with Green Label Singapore. “In terms of the new agreement, the active ingredients of the waterproofing system will be shipped to us from Singapore, and a.b.e.® will then add the non-active ingredients here at our plant.”

duraproof krystalkote formed part of a wide range of eco-waterproofing products launched by a.b.e.® two years ago. The product was then known as matryx k11 and imported as a completed product from Singapore.

“duraproof krystalkote is the ideal waterproofing system for underground concrete structures such as parking basements and other areas with negative hydrostatic pressure. The product’s active chemicals react with moisture in the concrete to form crystals in the pores and capillary tracts of the concrete, thereby waterproofing the structure against water and other liquid penetration from any direction.

“It is suitable for any interior or exterior below grade surfaces to protect against concrete decay and waterborne corrosive salts. duraproof krystalkote can be used for negative waterproofing of concrete structures as well as horizontal structural slabs, and also provides strong resistance to impact and abrasion,” Anderson adds.

He says the product can be applied dry shake form to waterproof concrete slabs during the curing stage, or concrete can be poured on a layer of duraproof krystalkote powder to add waterproof barriers to the concrete by virtually becoming part of the concrete mix.

Areas of application of the product include basements, wet areas, tunnels, underground garages, planter boxes, and protection against rising damp on ground slabs.

“It is available as a single component and is easy to apply,” Anderson states.

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