a.b.e.®s Geocel “The WORKS PRO” unique MS polymer sealant and adhesive easily handles all kinds of jobs that are impossible to do with traditional solvent or water-based adhesives.

Applying Geocel THE WORKS PRO in wet or dry conditions, and on virtually any substrate, ensures a secure fix and seals quickly and easily without shrinkage, staining, solvents, and the need for additional fixings. The product also resists mould growth, is flexible, and over-paintable.

Geocel THE WORKS PRO can be used on wet surfaces (even underwater), wood, metal, glass, stone, and most plastics. Unlike solvent-based adhesives, Geocel THE WORKS PRO will not attack synthetic material, and is also suitable for use on concrete, brick, tiles, roofing materials, mirrors, plaster, plasterboard, guttering, and pipes. Geocel THE WORKS PRO will fill cracks and provide sealing and adhesion on pipes, door and window frames, and masonry joints.

Available in 290ml cartridges, Geocel THE WORKS PRO provides the professional do-it-yourself enthusiast, and home handyman with several outstanding features such as:

  • Adhesive and sealant in one product;
  • Can be used on any substrate in wet or dry conditions;
  • Quick curing;
  • UV resistant with good weathering properties;
  • Excellent application and service temperature;
  • Environmentally friendly as it is solvent free; and
  • Non-flammable and odourless for use in confined spaces.

a.b.e.’s  Geocel THE WORKS PRO is available in white, clear, black and grey. A 290ml cartridge should cover about 7.8m on a 6 mm x 6 mm joint.