A world-renowned high-performance coating supplied by a.b.e.® Construction Chemicals was used to waterproof and protect several sections of a new Chloride Batteries factory in Botswana.

Noel Abendroth, a.b.e.® National Sales Manager: VIP High Performance Coatings, says a.b.e.® -approved applicators, Diamond Linings, applied VIP pure Polyurea Quickspray Industrial coating to a total surface area of over 2400 m² to waterproof the new factory in Phakalane, an industrial area near Gaborone, the Botswanan capital.

Areas where VIP pure Polyurea Quickspray was applied to were:

* New factory floor in assembly area;

* Holding and waste underground tanks;

* Bund walls;

* Loading bay; and

* Storage area floors.

a.b.e.® Construction Chemicals holds the exclusive Southern African distribution rights for the full range of protective coatings and joint fillers produced by VIP (Voelkel Industrie Produkte) in Germany.

VIP pure Polyurea Quickspray Industrial is a fast setting, 100% solid coating/elastomer with an intricate pore density that provides excellent corrosion protection to all substrates. The product reacts within seconds and once cured, leaves a flexible, durable and rough surface. It is suitable as protective coating for virtually any surface including concrete, steel, wood, polystyrene, fibre glass, and plastic.

“It is also not affected by moisture and fluctuations of temperature and has high elongation and superior tensile strength. This means there is little or no downtime during repairs or while applying the coatings – even outdoors under adverse weather conditions,” Abendroth states.

Renowned for durability, protection, ease of application, and turnaround times, VIP’s innovative, two-part polymers cure in seconds to form a seamless, rubber-like skin that is not only waterproof but also highly resistant to impact, punctures, corrosion, chemical attack, and abrasion.

“As VIP High Performance coatings contain no VOCs and are solvent-free, they are now increasingly popular as environmental-friendly sealants,” Abendroth adds.