a.b.e.® Construction Chemicals’ Index Fidia waterproofing membrane was selected for both functional and aesthetical reasons for a new roof at a Simon’s Town residence.

Attractive-and-Functional-a.b.e.-Waterproofing-System-for-Cape-ResidenceThe product was applied on a new timber roof and substructure over an outside entertainment and braai area. Set against the mountain, the multi-level main house overlooks these recreational areas so a waterproofing system that would be easy on the eye was essential.

Consequently, Gavin Prinsloo, owner of a.b.e.®-approved applicator, Prize Waterproofing & Painting (South), suggested a.b.e.®’s Index Fidia which is manufactured from a compound of distilled bitumen and polymers and has an attractive slate-granuled upper surface as optional finish.

Once the timber roof structure and covering had been erected, the Prize Waterproofing team mechanically fixed the Index Roll Base sheet with clout nails and 50mm wired washers. Index Fidia MS 4mm mineral finished membrane was then applied on top as weathering sheet. In Index Fidia’s mineral finish version, the upper surface of the membrane is self-protected by heat-applied slate granules.

The roof structure included openings for roof lights to be installed, as well as a chimney flue. Therefore the a.b.e. waterproofing membrane was taken up the timber structure and dressed over the top to cap it. Finally, an acrylic membrane and waterproofing compound were applied to the flue as bandaged counter-flashing.

From start to finish the installation – by highly skilled and experienced waterproofing applicator teams – took just three days.

a.b.e.® Index Fidia possesses excellent stability at high and low temperatures and is exceptionally durable. The upper face of the membrane is treated with serigraph talc which prevents problems during unrolling. The talc – evenly spread to avoid excess talc usage or missed areas – allows quick unrolling of the roll and produces a surface that is pleasant to the eye.

The lower face of Index Fidia is coated with a non-stick sacrificial polyethylene film called “Flamina”. It is embossed with small squares which assist in the rapid burn off of the Flamina and signal the correct melting temperature. The embossing also allows good vapour diffusion in loose laid applications.

Index Roll Base is ideal as base sheet for continuous waterproofing, foundations, tunnels and tanks.

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