a.b.e. Construction Chemicals has announced name changes for two of its popular plaster enhancing products.

Boksburg-based a.b.e. is part of the Chryso Southern Africa Group.

Stephen Rault, General Manager: Marketing of a.b.e., says the company’s plaster primer and mortar enhancer, abe.bond plasta kee, will in future be known as abe.bond plasta enhancer. a.b.e.’s plastergrip’s new name will be abe.bond plastergrip.

“The name changes became effective from April 2014. In the case of abe.bond plasta kee, we felt the new name ‘abe.bond plasta enhancer’ would be a more descriptive name for the product. In the case of plastergrip, we have added the prefix abe.bond to the product name in line with overall company strategy. In both cases, it will be the same popular a.b.e. products on the shelves with the same quality. abe.bond plastergrip will, furthermore, now also be sold with full colour labelling to further boost its customer friendliness,” Rault explained.

He said there would be no change to barcodes, product codes or description of the products but the website, price lists and systems will reflect the new name changes.

Non-toxic abe.bond plasta enhancer increases the strength, plasticity, cohesion and adherence of plaster. It can be used as a primer for renderings and toppings, concrete floor repairs, floor screeds, base coat for waterproofing, plaster and floor finishes, and as additive for cement grouts. “The economical and easy-to-apply plaster enhancer has proved extremely popular in both the contractor and DIY markets,” Rault added.

abe.bond plastergrip is a heavy-duty plaster adhesive, and mortar and screed enhancer. It is non-toxic and increases the strength, plasticity, cohesion and adherence of plaster. The environmentally friendly product serves as a bond enhancer for cement screeds, renderings and gypsum skim coats to concrete, masonry, painted surfaces, and is also highly effective as additive in sand-cement mixes, as well as for crack repairs.

For further information, contact Ivor Boddington on tel 011 306 9000 or ivorb@abe.co.za