a.b.e.®Construction Chemicals has launched two new products: a.b.e. ®Rustopak Red Penetrating Sealant and a.b.e.®Rustopak Top Coat that in conjunction deal with challenging existing corrosion, and inhibit the formation of new rust on metal while protecting concrete.

a.b.e.® is part of the Chryso Southern Africa Group.

Ivor Boddington, Technical Manager of a.b.e.®, says a.b.e.®Rustopak Red is a low volatile organic compound (VOC) rust-penetrating liquid sealant for metal and concrete. “It is a single-component compounded system bound together with a calcium sulfonated alkyd and aliphatic hydrocarbon that can be applied over surfaces with tightly-adherent rust – particularly in hard to reach areas such as crevices – without the need for dismantling equipment on the area being treated. After the product’s application, a.b.e.®Rustopak Top Coat – which is also a low VOC – is applied to provide UV protection, and film building,” Boddington explains.

Among the advantages of a.b.e.®Rustopak Red penetrant sealant and a.b.e.®Rustopak Top Coat are:

  • Excellent penetration into inaccessible jointed areas, mounting bots and crevices;
  • Exceptional durability and corrosion resistance;
  • Easy to apply by brush or spray;
  • Excellent corrosion resistance;
  • Outstanding wetting properties;
  • Cost-efficiency compared to frequent and on-going maintenance or equipment replacement costs; and
  • Long lifespan of protection to the structure.

Boddington says the sealant and top coat can be applied directly to metal that is clean and free of loose corrosion deposits. The two products are ideal for:

  • Structural steel work;
  • Bridges and gantry cranes;
  • Bolts and nuts;
  • Concrete foundations and plinths;
  • Transmission towers;
  • Metal roofs;
  • Factories with aggressive chemical spillage; and
  • Metal cross-bracing where the galvanised sections have been abraded off;

“The products can also be used to combat and cure corrosion at harbours, shipyards, railway stations, the mining industry above ground, and on steel structures and supporting bases in chemical environments but, in both cases, an a.b.e.® technical consultant should first inspect the areas of application,” he states.

a.b.e.® Rustopak Red penetrant sealant is available in one, five, and 20 litre containers as well as in a 400ml spray can clear format. a.b.e. ®Rustopak Top Coat is available in blue, green, grey, white, aluminium, and black standard colours.

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