a.b.e.® Construction Chemicals has launched a new acrylic plaster primer and mortar enhancer on the market.

Synthetic co-polymer a.b.e.®bond plasta enhancer is a one-component bonding liquid that substantially improves the non-structural bonding of cement screeds, rendering, and Gypsum plasters.

The product is suitable as primer coat for renderings and toppings, including cement rendering, base coat for waterproofing coats, for plaster and floor finishes, and cement toppings that have not been manually compacted.

abebond plaster kee can also be used as primer for floor repairs screeds, and as additive for cement grouts to enhance performance, as well as primer for rendering applied toa.b.e.®’s waterproofing slurry, duraflex.

The new product provides excellent cohesion properties to mortars and screeds, and assists in the bonding of mortars for construction joints. It is suitable for bonding traffic islands and sidewalk kerbs to concrete or asphalt, and the jointing of caulking mortars for masonry joints, chimney stacks, and mortar fillets is another application.

abe.bond plasta enhancer increases mortar plasticity, cohesion and adherence. It furthermore improves tensile strength, abrasion resistance, and impact strength. As its performance is not affected by hydrolysis, it is ideal for surfaces in contact with water, including salt water.

The product reduces hair cracking, shrinkage and dust accumulation in mortars and plasters. It improves the water-tightness of mortar, and also boosts resistance to grease, fuel, oil and weak acid spillage. abe.bond plasta enhancer is non-toxic and may be placed in contact with food and drinking water as well as non-acidic, therefore environmentally friendly.

Some of the other benefits of the new bonding liquid include:

  • Bonds to solid PVA/acrylic surfaces; no priming required.
  • Good spread rate; offers ±10m2 per litre depending on the surface porosity.
  • Ready for use; no diluting and pre-mixing required.
  • Contractor approved product.
  • Easy to apply by either using a brush, roller or spraying.
  • Is available in one, five and 25 litre containers; for any kind of DIY or contractor job.

The application of a.b.e.® bond plasta enhancer is relatively simple:

All surfaces must be clean and sound so any surface grout, unsound concrete and loose material must be removed prior to application. All traces of grease must also be removed. The surface about to receive abe.bond plasta enhancer must be saturated with water and the excess then mopped off.

abe.bond plasta enhancer must not be diluted but used directly from the can, applied by brush, roller, or sprayed-on coating. It should not be allowed to dry before placement of toppings and coatings. Ponding of the product should be avoided and the application spread evenly with a stiff brush.  The coverage of abe.bond plasta enhancer as a primer or base coat is about 10 square metres per litre, depending on the porosity of the substrate.  In a plaster mix, 10% of the water content should be replaced with abe.bond plasta enhancer.

The newly applied mortar/screed or plaster should be kept damp for at least five days to promote good curing. The new product is available in one, five and 25 litres containers. It has a shelf life of a year if kept in a dry cool place in its original packaging.

Where other products are to be used in conjunction with abe.bond plasta enhancer, the relevant technical data sheets should be consulted to determine total requirements. a.b.e.® Construction Chemicals, which has a wealth of technical and practical experience built up over the years in the company’s pursuit of excellence in building and construction technology, can also provide assistance.

a.b.e.® Construction Chemicals is a member of the CHRYSO Southern Africa group of companies.

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