a.b.e.® Construction Chemicals has launched silvakote eco, a new water-based environmentally-friendly elastomeric coating to protect and waterproof concrete, bitumen, galvanised, and metal surfaces.

a.b.e.® is part of the Chryso Southern Africa Group.

Lance Anderson, a.b.e.® Product Manager: Waterproofing, says silvakote eco is a UV-reflective aluminium coating which, because of its water-based structure, contains no solvents and poses no health risks to applicators. The silver coating is also bitumen-free and therefore non-toxic.

“It is the perfect ‘green’ replacement for traditional solvent- and bitumen-based aluminium paints. silvakote eco – which is supplied in paste form –  requires minimal mixing: in fact just a single stirring operation is usually sufficient unlike standard similar coatings which need constant stirring to keep the aluminium particles in suspension.

“The new coating provides a pleasing, silver matt finish which is not excessively solar-reflective, but still offers all the required performance qualities to protect both liquid and felt systems.  It also does not produce unsightly streaking or bronzing, no cracking or grazing, and no bleeding through previous coatings. It is, however, essential that any surface to be coated with silvakote eco be clean and mechanically sound,” Anderson explains.

Although no priming is required on conditioned bitumen surfaces, all water-soluble dust must be removed from the surfaces by scrubbing with lots of clean water. Fungus-contaminated porous surfaces will require pre-treatment with detergent and anti-fungicidal solutions prior to the application of a primer.

Suitable for use by the contractual market as well as DIY enthusiasts, silvakote eco can be applied by brush, roller, or airless spray. It adheres exceptionally well to all building substrates such as exposed concrete, metal roofs, most plastics, polystyrene, and polyurethane foams to enhance the longevity of the waterproofing being applied. It can be used as a top coat on bitumen felt to provide maximum waterproofing to both new structures, and for the refurbishment of existing bitumen felt; and it is also suitable for coating over polymer modified bitumen waterproofing membranes, as well as liquid-applied bitumen systems.

The new ‘green’ waterproof coating offers fast drying time and can withstand light foot traffic. It is available in 1, 5, and 25 litre containers.

Further information from Elrene Smuts on telephone 011 306 9000 or email elrenes@abe.co.za

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