Dow Corning’s new 896 Panel Fix system was used for the façade cladding of the new 30 Jellicoe Avenue office block in Rosebank. a.b.e.®-approved applicators, Rudolph & Van Vuuren, factory-produced the composite ceramic panels, bonding them into aluminium frames before transport to site  for final installation. 

a.b.e.® Construction Chemicals has launched a new Dow Corning high-performance adhesive for façade cladding on the South African market.

a.b.e.® – part of the Chryso Southern Africa Group – is the South African distributor of the globally-acclaimed Dow Corning range of structural glazing sealants produced in Belgium.

Samantha Ferreira, a.b.e.® Sales & Segment Manager: Silicones, Sealants and Specialist Adhesives, says the cost-effective Dow Corning Panel Fix System offers a new solution for panel bonding. “It is ideal for façade cladding applications and substantially expands cladding design possibilities, while maintaining safety and control,” she states.

The system features Dow Corning 896 Panel Fix silicone adhesive, an elastic adhesive specifically designed for non-glass panel applications that require high durability and fast handling. Some of the new system’s benefits are:

  • Exceptionally good adhesion properties, with primer-less adhesion to a variety of substrates such as mill finished aluminum and mineral substrates;
  • Immediate high tack upon application;
  • High strength when fully cured;
  • Ease of application;
  • One-part, moisture cure, neutral, low-odour formulation;
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications; and
  • Low squeeze-out that prevents excess wastage.

“The new Dow Corning 896 Panel Fix System provides architects with unlimited design freedom because there is no need for mechanical fasteners. Consequently connection points and bonding are not visible which means that aesthetics are maximised. Building owners and engineers can select lower-weight, less expensive cladding options, free from the thickness requirements of mechanical fixing systems. Applicators will appreciate the system’s time-saving features, including easy extrusion, excellent compression resistance, and easy surface preparation, as well as the dead load support enabled by its instant strength. There is also no substrate abrasion required during the preparation.

“Bonding can be applied both in the factory and on-site. Unlike conventional structural glazing procedures that require a minimum silicone thickness of 6mm, Dow Corning 896 Panel Fix requires only a 3mm thickness, producing substantial cost-saving. During on-site bonding, Dow Corning 896 Panel Fox system, and its pre-fixing taping, enable direct application of façade panels to the sub-frame without the need for temporary retainers,” Ferreira explains.

The new system’s silicone technology also provides safety and durability through improved fire resistance compared with organics, excellent weathering, and resistance to UV radiation and ozone attack as well as temperature extremes.

For additional peace of mind, the Dow Corning Panel Fix System is available through the Dow Corning Quality Bond programme which combines state-of-the-art products, top quality standards, and application by Quality Bond members who benefit from specialised Dow Corning support, including joint calculation assistance, adhesion testing and application training.

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