a.b.e.® Construction Chemicals has introduced new, attention-grabbing packaging on its popular range of products sold at hardware outlets. a.b.e.®, part of the Chryso Southern Africa Group, believes attractive packaging plays a major role in the marketing mix.

Elrene Smuts, Product Manager: Retail for a.b.e.®, says: “It is generally acknowledged that packaging is extremely important when it comes to protection, storage and hygienic handling of a product. But one should also not underestimate how packaging can help sell a product. That’s why the hardware retailing trade will welcome a.b.e.®’s new striking packaging which can be the most effective form of advertising at the most critical point of all in the purchasing journey: the point of purchase.”

Smuts says a.b.e.® researched what consumers were seeking in packaging and, as a result, concentrated in particular on three aspects of packaging:

  •  Attention-grabbing: The research showed that a distinctive, unmistakable and eye-catching appearance is a signal at the point of sale to which all consumers respond positively. A product that ‘stands out in a crowd’ among competitive products never fails to score points with the consumer;
  • Informative: Packaging that appeals to the consumer attracts greater attraction while intensifying perception and stimulating interest in buying. Packaging that also gives the purchaser relevant product information can influence decisions whether to pay a higher cost for that particular product;
  • Innovative:  Specific user benefits are incorporated such as the QR codes that links the buyer to the comprehensive product datasheet via the website; as well as the key feature tags and images which help the consumer spot the product differences, product category and application easily.

a.b.e.® consumers should look for brochures in-store which explains in detail what’s different on the new a.b.e.® packaging. “It’s the same industry leading products, just smarter and more user friendly now,” Smuts says.

She adds that packaging is a key component in the pricing criterion, in the marketing mix, in promotional campaigns, in defining the character of the new products and also as an instrument to create shelf impact. “a.b.e.® realises that it is  vital that brand owners understand packaging’s importance and places sufficient emphasis on packaging as it has a massive impact in driving sales and influencing purchasing decisions. Packaging is now also strictly controlled in terms of the Consumer Protection Act which is another aspect of its current importance. Furthermore, a.b.e.®’s pledge to promote sustainability – which is stated on our packaging – will also provide confidence to the consumer.

“The new great look of the a.b.e.® range of products will undoubtedly give our products a winning edge,” she adds.

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