Bitumen strip joint sealant

abe® bitumen manhole sealer is a cold applied solvent free pre-formed pressure sensitive sealant based on polymer/ tackifying resin/bitumen.


abe® bitumen manhole sealer is used for sealing of concrete butt joints in pre-cast elements e.g. manhole rings and culverts.

  • Non-hardening, permanently flexible
  • Excellent sealing properties
  • Contains no VOCs
  • Unaffected by water, mineral acids, alkalis & salts
  • Pressure Sensitive
  • Easy to apply
Physical Properties
Specific Gravity 1.0Kg/L
Solids Content 100% m/m
Resistance to Acids, Alkalis & Salts Excellent
Continuous Service temperature 0 °C to 60 °C
Flash point >150 ºC

Quantity Estimates:

20 mm triangular x 1.1 m 30 strips
Quantity Estimates


20 mm triangular x 1.1 m 30 strips
Surface Preparation

Surfaces should be clean, sound and dry prior to application. 

Bonding / Priming

Porous surfaces may be primed with a thin uniform film of abe® butyl Primer which is allowed to tack dry prior to application of abe® bitumen manhole sealer.


Apply strips to desired length and hand mould the pre-formed strip to the desired contour.


Remove applied material mechanically and clean surface with abe® super brush cleaner. 

Model Specification

Joints mechanically held in tension where indicated will be protected from ingress or egress of liquid with abe® bitumen manhole sealer.

Handling & Storage

Store in original packaging in a cool, dry place. Maximum recommended shelf life is 12 months.

Health & Safety

abe® bitumen manhole sealer should not be allowed contact with skin and eyes. The use of gloves and eye protection is advised.

abe® bitumen manhole sealer is inert and harmless.

Important Note

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Further Information

Where other products are to be used in conjunction with this material, the relevant technical data sheets should be consulted to determine total

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