Epoxy zinc phosphate primer

Two-component, solvent-borne polyamide cured epoxy with corrosion inhibitive pigments.

As a primer coat on steel prior to application of epoxy or polyurethane coatings or single-pack anti-corrosive coatings.

  • Exhibits excellent corrosion protection of steel
  • Contains corrosion inhibitive pigments
  • Easily overcoated with decorative epoxy or polyurethane twin-packs
  • Good pot life allows for flexibility during application
Surface Preparation

Steel should preferably be abrasive blast cleaned to a minimum standard of SA 2,5 of Swedish Code of Practice SIS 055900. The anchor pattern should be approximately 40 – 60 microns. If hand cleaning is used, nothing less than a SA 3 finish is acceptable. However, this method of cleaning will significantly reduce the life of the system.

All metal to be coated must be clean, mechanically sound and dry.

Properties of Wet Material
Mixing ratio 4 base : 1 activator by volume
Density (typical) 1.40 g/cm3
Colour :
Finish Sheen
Flash point 25 ºC
Dilution abecote® Thinners no 3 if required
Consistency Low viscosity liquid
Toxicity Uncured material is toxic
Shelf life 2 years from date of manufacture
Storage conditions Store under cover in cool conditions
Packaging 5 L kits
Properties During Application
Application by Brush or airless spray
Pot life 8 hours/5 L
Induction period Allow to stand for 30 minutes in shade after mixing
Volume solids (typical) 50 %
Recommended average DFT per coat 40 µm
Theoretical coverage for above dft 12 m2/l on smooth surface
Wet film thickness at above 80 µm
Practical coverage for estimating purposes 8 – 10 m2/l
Salt spray resistance Good with no blistering, wrinkling or loss of adhesion and no corrosion of test panel (visible or under the film,i.e. creep)
Recommended no of coats 2 – 3 coats, depending on anchor pattern and use, e.g. constant submersion
Dry time @ 25 ºC Touch dry : 1 – 2 hours
Hard dry : 12 hrs
Full cure : 7 days
Overcoating time @ 25 ºC Min : 8 hrs
Max : 48 hrs
Application temp. Range 10 ºC – 40 ºC
Fire resistance of wet film Flammable
Do not apply If humidity is in excess of 85 %
Do not apply If surface is less than 2 ºC above dew point
Colour Red sheen
Bonding / Priming

The product is a corrosion protective primer. For subsequent top coats of epoxy or polyurethane applications prime the abecote® 384 with abecote® 386 for improved bonding and superior finishing.


Stir contents of each container, particularly the base, very well. Add the activator to base and stir together for at least five minutes using a flat paddle. Mechanical mixing gives better dispersion than manual mixing. A suitable mixing method would be a slow speed electric drill (approximately 200 r/min) fitted with a paddle.

If only part of a kit is to be used, add one volume of activator to 4 volumes of base. Measuring must be accurate and separate stirrers used for proportioning each component. The mixed material must be left to stand in a cool place for 20 minutes prior to application.


8  – 10 m2/l.


By brush or airless spray. In the latter case, a tip of approximately 250 μm size may be used abecote® 384 should not be applied if the ambient temperature is below 10 °C. The curing reaction will not occur at low temperature.

If surfaces are not at least 2 °C above dew point, there is every chance that a fi lm of condensed moisture may be present. This will interfere with the adhesion of the coating. Wet film thickness as per recommendation should not be exceeded as this can result in solvent entrapment, as can too early overcoating. Solvent entrapment in the film can lead to disastrous performance. Stir frequently during use.


Tools can be cleaned with abe® super brush cleaner before material has cured.

Protection on Completion

Against traffic and spillage until cured.

Temperature & Relative Humidity

See “Application” and “Properties During Application”.

Model Specification

Two component epoxy zinc phosphate primer for metal surfaces. The coating shall be abecote® 384, a two component epoxy zinc phosphate primer applied to prepared metal surfaces in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations, a.b.e.®


abecote® 384 is supplied in 5 l kits.

Handling & Storage

This product has a shelf life of 12 months if kept in a dry cool place under cover in the original packaging. In more extreme conditions this period might be shortened.

Health & Safety

Wet abecote® 384 is toxic and flammable. Always ventilate the working area well during application and drying. Avoid flames in vicinity. Always wear gloves and eye protection when working with the material and avoid excessive inhalation and skin contact. If material is splashed in the eye, wash with copious quantities of clean water and seek medical attention.

Important Note
Further Information

Where other products are to be used in conjunction with this material, the relevant technical data sheets should be consulted to determine total

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