Elastoplastomeric compound (BPP) and reinforced with high weight polyester non-woven fabric with continuous strand.

abedex® AT offers increased elongation properties and is resistant to heat ageing, and puncture resistant. The compound is a mixture of distilled bitumen, plastomers and elastomers which give the membrane excellent durability and flexibility at low temperatures (-15 °C).

abedex® AT is manufactured with a sacrificial Flamina polyethylene film on the underside of the membrane, which prevents sticking when the membrane is stored. The Flamina melts when subjected to heat generated during installation. The underside is embossed to assist in vapour diffusion and as an indicator that the correct melting point has been reached for the adhesion to the primed substrate.

Membranes have been treated with sand finish which prevents sticking when unrolling the membrane during laying and provides a prepared surface for the application of an aluminium reflective coating to the upper membrane surface.

  • abedex® AT, is a premium product due to its excellent resistance to both heat & abrasion and elongation characteristics. This product can be used in demanding waterproofing applications
  • These applications include concrete bridge decks, pre-fabricated decks and other trafficable areas


  • The substrate is to be clean, dry and free of any dust, grease, oils or loose debris. The substrate is to be of a smooth and even condition being free of protrusions or voids
  • Coves or fillets are to be installed at all internal angles
  • Screed to falls of 1:80


  • Apply bituprime primer on substrates to receive membrane
  • Allow to flash off or dry


  • Avoid rough handling, especially at low temperatures below 5 °C. Work must be stopped at temperatures below -2 °C
  • Our standard application of the membrane requires that the product be fully bonded by heat fusion to the primed substrate by heat fusion
  • If a two layer membrane system is to be fitted the upper membrane must be laid with staggered side and end laps
  • We recommend side laps to be minimum of 75 mm and end laps to be a minimum of 100 mm
  • A round nosed trowel and gas torch to be used when installing the membrane ensure adequate bonding of the laps
  • Protection coating or overlay to be determined by a professional with a.b.e.® technical assistance
Type Reinforcement Surface finish Thickness – weight /m2 m2 /Pallet Weight
4 mm Polyester non-woven fabric with continuous strand Sand 4 mm 200 50 kg
Dimensional Specifications
Length 10 m – 1% (UNI EN 1848-1) – Tex version Tol. ≥
Width 1 m – 1% (UNI EN 1848-1) Tol. ≥
Thickness UNI EN 1849-1 Tol. 0.2 mm
Technical Characteristics

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Model Specification

Please contact the a.b.e.® technical sales team for a specific project specification (0860 223 773).

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Further Information

Where other products are to be used in conjunction with this material, the relevant technical data sheets should be consulted to determine total requirements.

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