CHRYSO® Granicrete is blend of exclusive selected dry powders containing Portland cement, minerals and additives.

CHRYSO® Granicrete is a polymer modified cementitious base coating that allows thin skin topping applications, this once ground and polished will offer a hard wearing decorative finish. The surface may also be Nano-Etched to provide an exposed aggregate type finish.

The system may be coloured by adding micronised iron oxide pigments not exceeding 5% by weight of the CHRYSO® Granicrete Overlay powder. This in turn would compliment the exposed, polished aggregate finishes. Searching for a modern and trendy decorative look, the CHRYSO® Granicrete allows for a customized solution.


• Swimming pool decks
• Terraces
• Paths & sidewalks
• Driveways
• Patio’s
• Concrete furniture/countertops
• Commercial building centres
• Domestic areas
• On new and old sound concrete slabs or cement screeds


• Easy to apply • Aesthetic range of finishes •Polished from low sheen down to deep mirror finishes • Wide range of architectural features • Warm earth colour range • UV stable • Stain resistant subject to sealer selection • Quick drying, reduces turn-around time • Excellent mechanical properties • Excellent adhesion • Excellent abrasion properties 

Surface Preparation

All surfaces are to be smooth clean and sound, free of oil, loose paint and contaminants that may impair the bonding properties of the product.

Ensure that surfaces are ground to a smooth finish and free of dust and dirt.

Any sharp protruding points need to be ground off as these will reflect through the product due to the product application thicknesses being thin.
The surface needs to be pre-wetted to obtain a SSD condition (surface saturated dry, no free water present) prior to applying the product.

Typical Properties
Typical Properties Properties CHRYSO® Granicrete
Liquid: Powder Ratio 0.185 ml of Polymer 21 per 1 kg powder
Flow on Flow Table (BS EN 1015-3)

180 mm – No Dropping

230 mm – at 25 drops

Wet density 1800 kg/m3
Approximate Yield 25 kg powder + 25 kg Granite
Aggregate + 9.25 litres
polymer 21 = 33 litres
i.e. 5.5 m2 at 6 mm thick
Mix Components

CHRYSO® Granicrete Overlay, 25 kg plus granite or silica aggregate must be mixed with CHRYSO® Polymer 21 . CHRYSO® Granicrete Overlay + CHRYSO® Granicreteaggregate  CHRYSO® Granicrete mix.  CHRYSO® Granicrete can be coloured by adding micronized iron oxide pigments but not exceeding 5% of the powder component
by weight.

It is recommended to air the powder before mixing.

Mix Proportions

Add 185 ml of CHRYSO® Polymer 21 to 1 kg CHRYSO® Granicrete mix or 9.25 litres of CHRYSO® Polymer 21 to 50 kg of CHRYSO® Granicrete mix.

Warning: When mixing, first pour 80% of CHRYSO® Polymer 21 into a clean mixing vessel, whilst stirring, slowly add the CHRYSO® Granicrete Overlay powder to the liquid and thoroughly mix until a smooth homogenous, lump free mix is obtained. Once the fine powder has been mixed introduce the coarse aggregate (CHRYSO® Granicrete Granite aggregate) and blend the two components, now add the balance, 20% of the CHRYSO® Polymer 21, and thoroughly mix to obtain the required consistency. Use a helical type mortar mixer. Should a mixed batch in the mixing vessel dry do not re-temper, the mix rather discard it and prepare a fresh batch.


Apply epidermix 116 epoxy primer to the prepared surface by brush or short nap roller ensuring that the surface is well covered, whilst the epoxy is still tacky broadcast 1.8 mm silica aggregate into the surface at a rate of approximately 1 kg/m2 and allow the system to cure overnight. The coverage rate of the epidermix 116 is approximately 3 m2/litre, this may vary subject to the surface profile and porosity.

Ensure that the primed surface is kept clean between product applications. Once the system has cured overnight sweep off the excess and loose particles of silica sand and clean the area. The surface is now ready to receive the CHRYSO® Granicrete application.


Set up your gauge rails to the required thickness of the overlay. Apply the CHRYSO® Granicrete mix and strike off to required thickness.
With the use of a steel float or bull float finish off to the desired finish to obtain either:
• A polished surface by grinding or
• To be surface treated to obtain an exposed aggregate finish

Polishing the surface

After the CHRYSO® Granicrete system has cured for at least 2 days the grinding process may commence, in cold weather conditions allow for 1 extra day of curing.  The grinding and polishing process is carried out in a number of phases, generally down to an 800 grit that would provide a high gloss finish or further polishing phases that would provide a deep mirror type finish, approximately 3000 green diamond grit. The process will also include surface densifier applications, burnishing and finally sealed or waxed.
CHRYSO® Poly Densifier usually applied after the first grind and before the final grind/polish, and is applied at approximately 12 m2/5litre. See the CHRYSO® Poly Densifier data sheet for additional information.

Exposed Aggregate Finish

CHRYSO®Deco Wash Pico is a surface retarder that can be sprayed to lightly retard concrete surface setting. The finished look obtained has a “sanded” or “acid washed” aspect. CHRYSO®Deco Wash Pico provides a qualitative and consistent finish. It must be uniformly sprayed onto the surface of the fresh concrete. Washing off is usually done within 24 hours after pouring. Approximate consumption: 5 m2 per litre. See CHRYSO®Deco Wash Pico data sheet for additional information.

For deeper exposed aggregate results consult your local CHRYSO/a.b.e.® representative for additional information.

Cleaning of Equipment

Tools, brushes and mixing equipment should be cleaned with water immediately after use and before material has set. Hardened material can only be removed by mechanical means.

Protection on Completion

Ensure the CHRYSO® Granicrete is not subjected to rain or draughts during the first 24 hours of curing as this may lead to dissolving of the polymer leaving white marks and or cracking and crazing. Tape up doorways with polythene if necessary to prevent air movement during application. Subsequently ensure the room has sufficient ventilation to allow the overlay to dry. Ensure adequate protection from other trades and traffic after installation, this includes the primer which must be free of dirt and dust before applying the overlay, prevent contamination by following trades e.g. plastering, including water spillage.


Standard available colours:
Silica, Dune, Pebble, Cobble, Sandstone, Terracotta, Limestone and Ash.
Other colours may be added to achieve the desired outcome, do not exceed 5% by weight of the CHRYSO® Granicrete powder content.

View datasheet for colour chart


25 kg CHRYSO® Granicrete Overlay + 25 kg CHRYSO® Granicrete Granite Aggregate + 9.25 litres CHRYSO® Polymer 21 will yield approximately 33 litres.  i.e. 5.5 m2 at 6 mm thick.

Application rates may vary subject to surface profile, irregularities and absorption rates.


CHRYSO® Granicrete surfaces must be coated with an appropriate sealer. The condition of sealer is to be examined periodically in order to determine whether there is any need for an additional wax or sealer coating. If the site is regularly cleaned, there might not be any need for a new coat of sealer for several years. Refer to the sealer product data sheets typically CHRYSO® FiniSol Brut or Perleabe.® cote PUD clear, matt or gloss, and abe.® cote 222 acrylic gloss sealer. Consult your local CHRYSO® / a.b.e.® representative for information on other sealers if required.

Handling and Storage

CHRYSO® Granicrete must be stored in a cool dry place. Lids of buckets must be tightly-closed. CHRYSO® Granicrete has 12 months shelf life provided the product is sealed and protected from humidity.


CHRYSO® Granicretesystem is meant for use by trained and experienced professionals. Manufacturer’s instructions must be strictly followed. Use of product on any worksite lies outside manufacturer’s control and responsibility. Should a product however seem to be defective in spite of every care taken by the manufacturer, the manufacturer will only be held responsible for the cost of replacement of defective product. It is the responsibility of the person applying the product to determine suitability of use of the product prior to application and to bear any risks sustained from any erroneous prior analysis or use. Before proceeding to any application, please refer to the systems and process technical manual.


CHRYSO® Granicrete is available as follows: 

25 kg of CHRYSO® Granicrete Overlay in buckets (code: 91476 025) and
25 kg CHRYSO® Granicrete Silica Aggregate (code: 91475 025) and
25 kg CHRYSO® Granicrete Granite Aggregate (code: 91477 025) in a polypropylene bag
CHRYSO® Polymer 21 is available in plastic jerry cans 5 litre (code: 91405 005) and 25 litre (code: 91405 025)

Health and safety

Product safety information required for safe use is not included. Before handling, read product and safety data sheets and container labels for safe use, physical and health hazard information. The safety data sheet is available from your local a.b.e.® Construction Chemicals sales representative.

Important Note

This data sheet is issued as a guide to the use of the product(s) concerned. Whilst a.b.e.® Construction Chemicals endeavours to ensure that any advice, recommendation, specification or information is accurate and correct, the company cannot – because a.b.e.® has no direct or continuous control over where and how a.b.e.®  products are applied – accept any liability either directly or indirectly arising from the use of a.b.e.® products, whether or not in accordance with any advice, specification, recommendation, or information given by the company.

Further Information

Where other products are to be used in conjunction with this material, the relevant technical data sheets should be consulted to determine total requirements. a.b.e.® Construction Chemicals has a wealth of technical and practical experience built up over years in the company’s pursuit of excellence in flooring and concrete technology.