SC 2000 is a two component, room temperature curing chloroprene based liquid rubber adhesive that, when catalyzed with the appropriate amount of E 30 Hardener, yields high strength adhesions. SC 2000 is ideal for use in lining installations, when bonding rubber to rubber. Repair to existing rubber lined vessels and rubber components are also recommended.

Mixing Instructions

SC 2000 system is comprised of cement and hardener in the ratio of 1 kg of cement to 40 g E 30 of hardener. These two components must be thoroughly mixed (stirred). The mixed portion should be used within 2 hours at 23 o C, this time will be shortened at elevated temperatures.

General Rubber Environmental Conditions

Before the application of adhesive the ambient temperature and that of the substrate must be at least +10 °C with a maximum temperature of +40 °C. The Relative Humidity should not exceed 80% during the entire procedure.

The substrate temperature must be a minimum of 5 °C higher than that of the dew point. Relative Humidity, ambient temperature, substrate temperature and dew point must be recorded prior to start of project and at three hour intervals thereafter.

Surface Preparation & Application Methods

Rubber to Rubber

Ensure that the environment where bonding takes place is clean dry and dust free, to avoid any contamination during the bonding process.

Cut the rubber waterstop at a 45 degree angle (bevel joint) ensuring that the cut is clean and straight. The faces to be bonded are to flush with each other having no gaps that would reduce the bond area or a potential for leaks.

Using a variable speed Bosch polisher and a carbide disc 42/175 buff the faces of the cut until both sides provide a neat join.

Buff the top, bottom and sides of the rubber waterstop at least 90 mm back from the cut face of each section ensuring that all waxy residue is removed providing a good clean dull buffed profile all round.

The rubber dust should be removed with a dry brush followed by a thorough wiping of the buffed surface using Rema cleaning solvent.

Note: Don’t use high speed buffing as this may cause burning of the rubber.


Mix and apply the first coat of SC 2000 adhesive on both ends and allow to it dry completely, a minimum of 30 minutes.

When applying the SC 2000 a scrubbing motion is preferred so that all voids on the surface to be bonded are filled in.

Measure out a piece of Repair Strip (bandage) long enough to cover the entire joint entirely on both sides of the rubber waterstop.

Wipe the bottom side of the Repair Strip using the Rema Cleaning solvent.

Once the first coat of SC 2000 has dried completely apply a second coat to both ends and allow to dry for approximately 15 minutes or until slightly tacky.

Once the adhesive has dried to the required state push the butt ends together with sufficient pressure ensuring that both ends of the join are aligned correctly.

Stitch the faces using the 4 mm and 12 mm sticher in order to provide a good bond between the two faces of the joint.

Apply a coat of SC 2000 to the Repair Strip and the buffed areas of the rubber waterstop and allow it to dry until tacky.

Note: On the Repair Strip the SC 2000 dries quicker than on the rubber waterstop, therefore wait until the Repair Strip is tacky then bond the elements.

Apply the Repair Strip to the rubber waterstop making use of the sticher to remove any trapped air beneath the Repair Strip.

Apply the final coat to the top surface of the Repair Strip and allow it to cure.

Don’t disturb the joint weld and leave the joint to cure overnight before handling.

Pot Life

The gel time or working life of mixture is approximately 2 hours at 21 °C.


One kit of SC 2000 (1 kg) covers approximately 1 m2.


Shelf life of unopened containers is 1 year. SC 2000 and E 30 Hardener should be stored in a cool dark place away from heat, sparks and flame under 20 °C.


SC 2000 contains solvents; the inhalation of excessive amounts of vapor may induce an allergic respiratory reaction to sensitised individuals.

Proper respiratory protection must be used. Avoid skin contact. Wear protective clothing, impervious rubber gloves, and safety glasses. In case of skin contact, wash well with soap and water. Spills should be absorbed with absorbent material and water added to destroy isocyanates. When applying SC 2000 in confined areas, suction ventilation equipment should be in operation. The equipment should be arranged so that vapours are drawn down and away from the applicator. SC 2000 is nonflammable. The E 30 Hardener is flammable although when mixed together they become non-flammable.

As always the usual fire safety measures should be observed. Keep away from heat, sparks and open flame.


1 kg SC 2000 with one 40 g E 40 Hardener.

Repair strip 10 m x 150 mm

Rema solvent cleaner 1 L

The recommendations for the use of our products are based on tests believed to be reliable but no warranty is given. Since conditions of use are beyond our control the user assumes all risks of use.

Equipment Needed
Rubber waterstop a.b.e.@ code Rhema code
Rema repair strip 10 m x 150 mm 63304001 5317742
SC 2000 1 kg (without hardener ) 63302001 5252169
E 30 40 g hardener (1 per SC 2000) 63303001 5251043
4 mm ball bearing sticher N/A 5951044
12 mm ball bearing sticher N/A 5951123
Stanley quick release knife N/A 6500012
Stanley spare blades (5 pack) N/A 6500020
Bend handle knife N/A 5952139
Rema tools bosch polisher, variable speed N/A 6500101
Rema tools carbide disc 42/175 N/A 5197698
Tool adaptor 175 mm N/A 6500112
Rema Solvent 1 L tin 11022001 5959027
Important Note

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Further Information

Where other products are to be used in conjunction with this material, the relevant technical data sheets should be consulted to determine total requirements. a.b.e.® has a wealth of technical and practical experience built up over years in the company’s pursuit of excellence in building and construction technology.