Automotive underbody protective coating.

A solvent borne synthetic fibre filled blend of modified bitumen.



autokote is a corrosion resistant coating on automotive underbodies (car, truck etc.) and farming implements.

  • Impact and abrasion resistant.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Water resistant.
  • Sound deadening.
  • Maximum service temperature: 70 ºC.

abe Construction Chemicals - autokote - properties

Surface preparation

Surfaces must be clean, sound and dry.


abe Construction Chemicals - autokote - colour


While autokote may be applied directly to any properly prepared surface, better corrosion resistance will be obtained over suitable primers. Steel may be primed with abe® 4-metal primer.


Stir well before use.


±0.7 m2/L on smooth surfaces. (Less on textured surfaces). Minimum two coats.


autokote may be applied by brush but this is normally reserved for small areas. Most commercial applications are made with a splutter gun having a nozzle of 6 mm diameter.


Tools, brushes and mixing equipment should be cleaned immediately after use and before material has set with abe® super brush cleaner followed by washing with soap and water.

Protection/maintenance on completion



1 L, 5 L and 25 L containers.

Handling and storage

Shelf life of 24 months, but shorter if in extreme conditions. Keep tightly sealed in a dry cool place in the original packaging.


autokote is not suitable for use over wax-based materials or PVC underbody coatings as this will affect the drying.

Health & safety

Product safety information required for safe use is not included. Before handling, read product and safety datasheets and container labels for safe use, physical and health hazard information. The safety data sheet is available from your local a.b.e.® Construction Chemicals branch.