Bond breaker and closed cell back-up material for use with joint sealants.

dura.cord is a permanent preformed joint filler, manufactured from low density, closed cell expanded polyethylene. They are highly flexible and compressible, with excellent recovery properties and tensile strength.



dura.cord is a semi-rigid joint filler used for forming expansion joints or as a backing material for joints in:

  • Concrete
  • Brickwork
  • Blockwork
  • Retaining walls
  • Deck slabs
  • Reservoir
  • Highly flexible and compressible.
  • Excellent recovery properties and tensile strength.
  • Rot proof.
  • Fine closed cell structure.
  • Non-absorbent.
  • Resilient.
  • Low load transfer.
  • Bitumen free.
  • Non-tainting.

abe Construction Chemicals -  duracord - colour


dura.cord should be compressed into the joint to approximately 70% of its original size. Where hydrostatic pressures are present, compression should be to approximately 40% of its original size.

For most effective results, dura.cord must be inserted into the joint to a depth that will accommodate the depth of sealant specified i.e. joints from 6 mm to 12 mm wide, width and depth must be equal. From 12 mm wide to 24 mm wide the depth should be 12 mm, and for joints over 24 mm wide the depth should be half the width.


dura.cord is supplied in continuous rolls in various diameters from 6 mm to 50 mm.

Handling & Storage

Shelf life of 12 months, but shorter if in extreme conditions. Keep tightly sealed in a dry cool place in the original packaging.