Standard bentonite waterstop tape for in-situ concrete

The durajoint SW-B is based on well established technology and is an economical bentonite type swelling waterstop tape.


durajoint SW-B is specifically for use of cold joint sealing of in-situ concrete construction.

Integral sealing for construction joints in cast in-situ concrete where conventional waterstops are impractical to use such as in restricted space or access situations. Service pipe penetrations.

  • Self-injecting behaviour during the swelling process
  • Swelling into the direction of the lowest resistance
  • Seals in two phases.
    • First phase: sealing by immediate swelling
    • Second phase: sealing by crystallization.
  • High swelling capacity into the concrete honeycombs, cracks and joints to seal them (penetrates deep into the concrete structure and seals the cold joints permanent and securely)
  • Ease of installation, nailing, bonding or casting into joint face
  • Swelling and shrinkage are infi nitely reversible (unaffected by long term wet/dry cycling). High mineral portion, hence no fatigue of materials: Sodiumbentonite reacts even after decades of use.
  • Salt tolerant in concrete and ground water conditions
  • Tested and approved up to 7 bar water pressure
  • Tested for use in changing water tables
Physical Properties

abe Construction Chemicals durajoint SW B Properties

Typical Application & Installation Techniques

durajoint SW-B may be fixed either with concrete nails at ± 300 mm centres, or on a bead of durajoint SW-B adhesive applied 6 mm thick.

It is acceptable to butt joints at end of each roll, however a 45° angle cut at the overlaps is preferred and either as concrete nail or a small amount of durajoint SW-B adhesive may be used.


durajoint SW-B is to be used for in-situ concrete construction only. durajoint SW-B waterstop tapes shall be completely covered on all sides by concrete (min. 8 cm concrete cover is required) to make sure that the swelling sealing pressure can be built up.


Roll of 10 m (box of 5 rolls).

Shelf Life

5 years if stored protected from extreme weather conditions.

Model Specification

Construction joints where indicated will be protected from ingress or egress of liquid with durajoint SW-B (dependent on thickness of concrete section) and will be fixed mechanically with a suitable concrete nail or glued using durajoint SW-B adhesive.

Health & Safety

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Important Note

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Further Information

Where other products are to be used in conjunction with this material, the relevant technical data sheets should be consulted to determine total

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