Hydrophilic butyl rubber based waterstop

durajoint SW-R hydrophilic Butyl rubber waterstop is manufactured into high performance synthetic elastomer strips.


Sealing of prefabricated concrete element e.g. joints in tunnels and shafts

May also be used for “open joints”

  • New generation expanding rubber sealing material
  • Expansion up to 400%
  • Stable during the swelling process
  • Developed for the successful use in tunnels in pressure conditions up to 5 bar water pressures
  • Under conditions of confinement will mould itself to exert pressure evenly on the surrounding surfaces, even when these are rough and the gaps to be filled are of uneven size. This feature assures a good waterproof seal without the need for any sort of high-compression force
Physical Properties
Tape profiles Rectangular and round
Colour Black/dark grey
Dimensions 18 × 7 mm
Shore A 70 ±3
Density 1,45 ±0,03 g/cm3
Volume of swelling approx. 400%
Working temperature -30 ºC +70 ºC
Typical Application


Installation Techniques

Joint surface must be clean and dry and any protrusions greater than 3mm high ground or chipped off.

durajoint SW-R may be fixed either with concrete nails at ± 300mm centres, or on a bead of durajoint SW-R adhesive applied 6mm thick. It is acceptable to butt joints at end of each roll, however a 45° angle cut at the overlaps is preferred and either as concrete nail or a small amount of durajoint SW-R adhesive may be used.


durajoint SW-R does not change its structure as well as its form (remains elastomeric). For this reason, durajoint SW-R hydrophilic rubber based waterstop is not able to inject itself into any honeycombs or concrete cracks. durajoint SW-R is therefore not suggested for in-situ concrete construction sealing, but for prefabricated concrete joint construction.


12 m roll (box of 6 rolls).

Shelf Life

3 years, if stored protected from extreme weather conditions.

Model Specification

Construction joints where indicated will be protected from ingress or egress of liquid with durajoint SW-R (dependent on thickness of concrete section) and will be fixed mechanically with a suitable concrete nail or glued using durajoint SW-R adhesive.

Health & Safety

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Important Notice

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Further Information

Where other products are to be used in conjunction with this material, the relevant technical data sheets should be consulted to determine total

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