Water based acrylic emulsion for curing

duracure acrylic is a water-based, slightly viscous, acrylic emulsion solution which dries to a colourless stain free surface when
applied to concrete. dura.cure acrylic complies to the performance specifications of ASTM C309.


duracure acrylic is an economical method to assist in efficient concrete curing. The product acts chemically with the hydroxides
produced by the hydration of cement to form a dense porefilling crystalline structure that in turn reduces the water evaporation rate from the concrete surface. The presence and retention of water in concrete is essential to ensure adequate strength development and minimise initial plastic shrinkage crack development.

  • Compatible for water retaining structures (potable water)
  • Economical, single application reduces incidence of shrinkage cracks
  • Promotes better strength gain characteristics
  • No film breakdown period involved
  • Does not interfere with subsequent concrete surface treatments (paints, emulsions, sealants adhesive, renders, tile adhesives,
Typical Physical Properties
Physical state Liquid
Specific Gravity (25˚ C) >1
pH (Where a pH measurement is possible): 10
Solubility in water Dilutable

It should be noted that while duracure acrylic is effective in improving moisture retention, the curing efficiency index is lower than that of conventional resin film-forming membranes.

Therefore, where a high curing efficiency index is required, one should select a resin film-forming membrane compound (ask an a.b.e.® technical sales representative for more information on other products within the duracure range).

Bear in mind that should subsequent surface coatings be required, the time lapse involved with resin based membranes is subsequently longer.

Surface Preparation

Apply immediately after the exposed surface has sufficiently hardened to prevent marring by the application. This is especially important in warm or hot temperatures. In the case of formed surfaces, apply as soon as forms are stripped. If any part of the surface has dried out, it should be wetted down immediately preceding the application of duracure acrylic compound.

Do not apply while free water remains on the surface. Surfaces should be saturated but free of surface water. Quick drying occurs in areas on concrete exposed to draughts, excessive heat and sun.


The recommended application rate (preferably by a spray applicator or roller) is 5 m2/ℓ. Over application may result in a slightly glassy concrete
surface finish.


duracure acrylic should be applied to freshly cast horizontal surfaces immediately after the initial surface water sheen has disappeared and wil lnot be marred through application of the curing membrane.

duracure acrylic should be applied immediately to the ‘as stripped’ concrete surface (there is no prerequisite to damp down the surface prior to application).

Protection On Completion

Protect surface against traffic and spillage until cured.


duracure acrylic may be over-painted with high quality PVA/ acrylic paint.


25 ℓ – 63709025
200 ℓ – 63709200
1000 ℓ – 63709011

Handling & Storage

Store in a controlled temperate location.