Wax Based Concrete Curing Compound

duracure WB is a low viscosity wax emulsion. The formulation of duracure WB ensures that the emulsion breaks down to form a non-penetrating continuous film immediately upon contact with the cementitious surface.

This film prevents excessive water evaporation which permits more efficient cement hydration.

duracure WB complies to the performance specifications of ASTM C309 – 81.


duracure WB provides a spray or brush applied temporary membrane to retain moisture in concrete for effective curing.

  • Reduces shrinkage and cracking
  • Increase durability of concrete
  • Easy to use (spray / roller applied)
  • Reduces labour costs (no need for wet hessian, etc.)
  • Allows cement to hydrate more efficiently
Typical Physical Properties
Colour Liquid: white
Dry film: clear
Non-toxic Cured

Stir well before use.

duracure WB should be applied onto the surface of newly placed concrete, as soon as possible, after the concrete is free from surface water.

Care must be taken when applying duracure WB to ensure complete and even covering. Various types of spraying equipment can be used.

Do not use on floors/surfaces where overcoating will be required.


The coverage of duracure WB is dependent on the surface of the concrete as well as the means of application. For estimating purposes, a practical coverage rate between 4 – 7 m2/L can be used.

Protection on Completion

Until surface is dry.


All spraying equipment should be cleaned with water after use.


200 ℓ – 63704200
20 ℓ – 63704025

Handling and Storage

Store in a controlled temperate location.