To keep the floor in pristine condition it should be treated with 2 or 3 coats of a “reversible” acrylic emulsion polish with a metallic base.

The use of these polymer latices has greatly improved the durability and facilitates the ease of maintenance of high gloss epoxy flooring.

No initial buffing is required as these polishes dry to a good gloss.

However, in the first instance, epoxy coated floors should be protected from dirt/grit tracked in by foot or by vehicular means (e.g. fork lifts), by appropriate placing of mats (e.g. 3M Clean Walk Mats, Grit Off Mats etc) or through distance between high dirt/grit areas to coated floor.

The floor should be kept clean by sweeping daily and occasional damp mopping with a neutral detergent3 as necessary.

To remove more stubborn marks e.g. black heel mark (BHM), a light detergent3 scrub may be desirable rubbing with a polishing pad (3M’s white pad or equivalent). The appearance will gradually deteriorate with wear, so walkways should be repaired by applying a thin coat of polish or restorer when necessary. The appearance can also be significantly enhanced by the use of high speed burnishing machines, provided a suitable polish has been used. To prevent unsightly build-up of polish the floor should be stripped at least every six to twelve months using an alkaline stripper.

Application of polish is preferably by means of an applicator, or by lambs wool pad.


Mepol H or HD (Wetrok) or abe.®cote AQ/97

Cleaning (neutral detergent): Wetrok Resal

Stripper (Alkaline): Rematt (Wetrok)

Applicator: Wonder Waxer (Wetrok)