a.b.e.® – part of the CHRYSO Southern Africa Group – has for many decades provided a wide variety of products for the South African construction industry with the company’s range of cementitious coatings particularly popular.

a.b.e.® has provided cementitious coating products for diverse building projects. For example, its duraflex® slurry coating – a flexible waterproofer for positive and negative pressure – has for many years been the preferred choice for waterproofing protection.

For more specialised concrete waterproofing applications, a.b.e.®’s duraflex® is frequently selected. This range includes:

  • dura.®proof dekflex®: a highly flexible high-performance multi-layered waterproofing system for concrete flat roofs, reservoirs, ponds, tanks, screeded roofs, and concrete balconies;
  • dura.®proof hydrokote: a dual-component hydraulic micro-mortar for concrete protection and waterproofing; and
  • dura.®proof krystalkote: a coating that protects and waterproofs concrete structures by crystallisation.

a.b.e.®, on an on-going basis, supplies cementitious products for major highway bridge construction projects and maintenance and refurbishment of silos.  The cementitious coating most suitable for this type of work is silocoat, designed to be easily mixed on-site using a slow speed drill and paddle, and then applied to the substrate using a brush, roller or airless spray application. It cures to form an elastomeric impermeable membrane.

a.b.e.® also supplies cementitious solutions for flooring projects which includes its CHRYSO®  decorative coating systems suitable for medium-duty applications:

  • CHRYSO® Béton Ciré finishing is utilised in innovative systems, for renovations as well as new construction and is ideal as a plain, burnished or coloured skim application to walls and floors;
  • For a modern and trendy decorative look, CHRYSO® Texture Top provides customised flooring solutions. It can be applied with a spray hopper gun or by trowel to obtain a smooth or a textured finish using a broom or similar equipment; and
  • CHRYSO® Grani Crete allows thin skin-topping applications and, once ground and polished, will offer a hard-wearing decorative finish. The surface may also be Nano-Etched to provide an exposed aggregate type finish.

For more details about the a.b.e.® cementitious coatings product ranges, visit the website www.abe.co.za or phone 011 306 9000.



a.b.e.® bridge repair with silocoat

a.b.e.®duraflex® protection

a.b.e.®CHRYSO Texture Top