A wide variety of products supplied by a.b.e.® are being used for several new major multi-million rand water reservoir projects now under construction in Gauteng.

a.b.e.® is part of the Chryso Southern Africa Group and the company’s Boksburg plant is supplying the products to the contractors involved in building new water reservoirs.

Rens Pelser, Technical Sales Consultant for a.b.e.®., says Included in the new projects are Benoni’s towering Northmead elevated water reservoir – the largest elevated type in Gauteng and one of the biggest in South Africa. The new tower has a capacity of 5.5 megalitres and is 35 metres tall and 30 metres in diameter. a.b.e.® products are also being used for the construction of the 18 megalitres Sallies reservoir at Brakpan; 2 megalitres Crown Gardens water tower; and the 10 megalitres Kliprivier Valley reservoir. In addition, a.b.e.® products have been specified for Rand Water’s new Zuikerbosch water treatment works, one of the main sites supplying potable water to the Gauteng metropolitan areas.

Pelser says a.b.e.® has several products suitable to enhance the quality of water retaining structures and among the most frequently used in the new Gauteng projects are:

* abe® silocoat cementitious coating which can be easily mixed on site and applied to the reservoir substrate to form an elastomeric impermeable waterproofing membrane. Widely used for the protection of new and old silos, abe® silocoat forms a durable and effective barrier to sulphates and chloride and can bond to green or damp concrete. The product is among a.b.e.®’s revolutionary dustless cementitious products that protects the health of construction workers and the immediate environment.

* dura.®joint flexband, a high-performance waterproofing bandage made from thermoplastic elastomers extensively used for waterproofing of expansion and construction joints, including on water-retaining structures. The durable resilient seal can be applied to damp substrates and is safe in contact with potable water;

* dura.®joint waterstop range extruded from specially formulated PVC material which is easily welded on site to provide the primary seal in the waterproofing of water reservoirs. The product prevents water seepage through construction joints and has been successfully applied to hundreds of reservoirs, dams, canals, water towers, as well as basements, car parks, and retaining walls nationally; and

* duraflex®, a cementitious waterproofing slurry based on a special resin dispersion and blend of selected cements mixed with graded aggregates. The non-toxic slurry forms an exceptionally strong waterproofing barrier with high bonding strength, strong resistance to chloride ion penetration, as well as freeze/thaw resistance. Also among a.b.e.®‘s dustless product range, it also can be used to overbridge hairline concrete cracks.

“Other a.b.e.® products widely specified for the construction and repair of water-retaining structures include dura.®rep cement-based mortar in both fibre-reinforced form and as a fairing compound applied prior to protective coatings, and  epidermix 389 crack injection compound,” Pelser adds.

For more details about the a.b.e.® product ranges, visit the website www.abe.co.za or phone 011 306 9000.



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