When it comes to flooring, the range of products supplied by a.b.e.® has virtually become household names.  The company – part of  Saint-Gobain Africa – has in its more than nine decades of operation formulated products that are trusted and applied by major flooring contractors and also by the home-owner/DIY enthusiast.

Among a.b.e.’s most respected floor coatings – with a track record of over 30 years – is abe.®cote WD 337, a two part, water-dispersed tough epoxy paint that produces a durable floor coating with a smooth finish. a.b.e.® recently calculated that this immensely popular product has, over the past six years, been applied to floor surfaces in total of:

  • Five and a half times the size of The Pentagon which, with a total floor area of 620 000m2, is the massive headquarters of the US Department of Defence;
  • Eight times the ground area of the Boeing Aircraft Factory which, also in Washington, covers some 40 hectares and is said to be the largest building in the world; and
  • Eighty-seven times the floor surface area of the 55-storey The Leonardo skyscraper in Sandton – the tallest building in Africa.

abe.®cote 337 tough epoxy paint is not only decorative – and ideal for DIY home applications – but also robust enough to protect factory and warehouse floors, such as those found at chicken farms, dairies, motor workshops, shopping centres, and even battery plants with their acidic environment. abe.®cote WD 337 tough epoxy paint is now also approved for use at wineries by the SA wine industry.

Some note worthy flooring projects for which the product was specified include Havanna Hills Wine Estate in Durbanville, Douglas Green Winery in Wellington, SA Breweries in East London, ABI Coca-Cola in Durban, Reebok Pump Station in George, Base 4 Aviation hangar in Western Cape, and the NEU Pack Industries plastics extrusion factory floor in Jacobs, KZN.

Peter Jones, a.b.e.’s National Product Specialist: Flooring, says: “This is an economical product that can be applied over damp surfaces, and can easily be overcoated at any time for maintenance. It is exceptionally popular as a protective and decorative coating for masonry and cementitious surfaces and can be used for industrial, commercial and residential applications.”

Jones says abe.®cote WD 337 is both oil- and petrol-resistant and has strong impact-resistance as well, which is ideal for the automotive industry.  It is also suitable for cold rooms and ramps as it can be mixed with fine aggregates to provide non-skid surfaces. abe.®cote 400 hi-build and abe.®flo are the more robust systems in the range but would need to be applied by an approved flooring applicator as these systems are more specialised.  On site training is offered by a.b.e.® teams for the application of abe.®cote WD 337 and can be applied by an in-house maintenance team.

The product is available in six colours: ivory silk, lime stone, sea grey, soft grey, sahara beige and havanna beige. Demarkation colours are also available.