Water dispersed epoxy emulsion paint smooth finish

abecote® 337 is a two component, solvent free, water dispersed, polyamide cured epoxy.


abecote® 337 is a protective, decorative and oil-resistant coating for: cementitious, masonry and asphaltic surfaces, floor coatings and an economical primer for Hi-build/abeflo.

Areas of Application

Areas where abecote® 337 may be used on both floors and walls are:

  • Factories and warehouses
  • Parking facilities
  • Shopping areas
  • Dairies and milking parlors
  • Nuclear decontaminable areas

Non-skid surfaces:

A 50 g container of fine aggregate is available on request. Mix well into 5 liters of mixed base and activator and apply as the final coat.

  • May be applied to damp surfaces
  • Easily over coated at any time for maintenance
  • Tough protective and decorative coating
  • Oil resistant
  • Petrol resistant
  • Economical

Note: In order to limit minor colour variations from batch to batch, it is advisable to use product from the same batch on large
open areas. Batches may be factory blended on request.

View colour chart.

Properties of Wet Material
Mixing ratio 1:1 by volume
Relative density (typical) 1.17 g/cm³
Colour Base: Coloured
Activator: translucent yellow
Mixed: lime stone, havanna beige,
sahara beige, soft grey, sea grey, ivory silk
Finish Semi-matt
Flash point None
Dilution Up to 10 – 15% water in first coat
Consistency Low viscosity liquid
Properties During Application
Pot-life: @ 20 ºC
@ 30 ºC
90 min/5 ℓ
45 min/5 ℓ
Volume solids (typical) 40% – varies slightly according to colour
Coverage for above dft 8 – 10 m²/ ℓ on smooth surface
Wet film thickness at above 100 µm
Recommended number of coats Two minimum (excluding the primer coat)
Drying time @ 25 ºC Touch dry: 4 – 6 hours
Hard dry: 24 hours
Full cure: 3 days
Overcoating time @ 25 ºC Minimum: 4 – 6 hours
Maximum: None
Application temperature range 5 ºC to 35 ºC
Fire resistance of wet film Non-flammable
Properties of Dry Film
Maximum service temperature Dry ±60 ºC
Minimum service temperature Suitable for cold room use
Adhesion Concrete substrate failed 3.7 MPa under tensile stress
Bond strength Passes cross hatch test – 2 mm wide cuts
Impact resistance Five impacts of 1 kg dropped 2 m
Weathering resistance Chalks on exposure to ultra violet light or sunlight
Scrub resistance 39 000 cycles under 1.5 kg load over 2 500 mm2 area using a 2.5% synthetic detergent solution at ambient temperature – no failure
Nuclear decontamination Details available on request
VOC (g/ ℓ) 5.372
Chemical Properties of Dry Film
Sulphur resistance No change after 21 days in 1% by mass sodium sulphate
Water resistance Withstands 18 months immersion test but is not recommended for continuous immersion service
Solvent resistance Withstands petrol, mineral and crude oils, 50% ethyl alcohol – 12
months immersion test but is not recommended for continuous immersion service
Chemical resistance Withstands 40% caustic soda, 5% lactic acid, 5% acetic acid, vegetable and animal fats. Not recommended for continuous conditions
Surface Preparation

Concrete surfaces must be clean and mechanically sound and free of laitance, nibs, dust, grease and oil. Wet abrasive grinding is generally used on concrete floors, the final prepared surface must provide an open textured finish typically like 80 grit sand paper. Any holes should be filled with an adequate mortar, e.g. sand/cement gauged with duralatex and laid into a duralatex/cement/sand slush. Surfaces do not need to be dry as long as they are free of standing water. Bone dry surfaces must in fact be lightly dampened with water to prevent too rapid suction of water from the coating.

The surface must provide a minimum of 25 MPa compressive strength and 1.5 MPa tensile adhesion strength.

Pot Life

Mixed abecote® 337 has a pot life of some 90 minutes at 20 ºC. While unused material may still appear workable after this time, it must under no circumstances be used.


8 – 10 m²/L/coat on smooth surface. Minimum recommended number of coats: prime coat plus 3 top coats.


Mixed abecote® 337 may be applied to the dampened substrate by water pre-moistened brush or roller or by airless spray using a ±500 µm tip. Ideally any first coat should be applied by brush. As soon as a coat is touch dry, a subsequent coat may be applied. Unless the treatment is required to provide chemical resistance, an additional two coats are normally sufficient. Chemical resistant work or floors always requires three coats. Drying time will depend upon temperature, humidity and ventilation. If working indoors or in confined spaces, ensure adequate ventilation. Outdoors, the wet film is liable to wash off in rain or be damaged by frost.

abecote® 337 may be over coated at any time. Ensure that the surface is clean and free of contamination and chalking. Over coating, without intercoat adhesion problems, may be carried out with abecote® 337 itself or solvent-borne or solvent-free epoxies or other compatible coatings.


abecote® 337 can be applied to green concrete as a curing membrane, after which it becomes a protective and decorative coating. In this application it acts as protection during subsequent construction, this also applies to floors. When final decoration and protection of the surface is due for application, the surface need only be suitably cleaned and repaired to take whatever final treatment may be specified. Consult a.b.e.®’s Technical Division for advice.


During brief interruptions of work, equipment should be immersed in clean water. At major stoppages it must be washed with soap and water or with abe®super brush cleaner. Cured abecote® 337 is almost impossible to remove.

Protection on Completion

Protect against traffic and spillage until cured. Most epoxies chalk and degrade in extensive sunlight.

Model Specification

Two component solvent-free water dispersed epoxy coating. The coating will be abecote® 337, a two-component solvent-free water dispersed epoxy coating applied in accordance with a.b.e.®s recommendations.


abecote® 337 is supplied in 5 litre plastic containers.

lime stone 33717-055

havanna beige 33723-055

sahara beige 33738-005

soft grey 33741-005

sea grey 33741-005

ivory silk 33761-055

admiralty grey 33713-005


Handling & Storage

All abecote® 337 related products have a shelf life of 24 months if kept in a dry, cool store in the original, unopened packs. If stored at high temperatures and/or high humidity conditions, the shelf life may be reduced.

Bonding / Priming

On porous surfaces dilute abecote® 337 as the primer coat with up to 10 – 15% clean water and pre-dampen the surface to obviate suction.


Pre-stir base and activator. Add the entire base to the activator and stir for at least 5 minutes using a flat paddle. It has been found that mechanical mixing gives better dispersion than manual mixing. A suitable mixing method would be a slow-speed electric drill (approximately 200 r/min) fitted with a paddle.

Health & Safety

When wet abecote® 337 is toxic. Ensure working area is well ventilated during application and drying. Avoid inhalation of dust and contact with skin and eyes. Suitable protective clothing, gloves, eye protection and respiratory protective equipment should be worn. The use of barrier creams provides additional skin protection. If contact with skin occurs, wash with water and soap. Splashes into eyes should be washed immediately with plenty of clean water and medical advice sought. When cured abecote® 337 is inert and harmless.


Important Note

This data sheet is issued as a guide to the use of the product(s) concerned. Whilst a.b.e.® endeavours to ensure that any advice, recommendation, specification or information is accurate and correct, the company cannot – because a.b.e.® has no direct or continuous control over where and how a.b.e.® products are applied – accept any liability either directly or indirectly arising from the use of a.b.e.® products, whether or not in accordance with any advice, specification, recommendation, or information given by the company.

Further Information

Where other products are to be used in conjunction with this material, the relevant technical data sheets should be consulted to determine total requirements.

a.b.e.® has a wealth of technical and practical experience built up over the years in the company’s pursuit of excellence in building and construction technology.

Colour Chart

These colours are provided as a guidance only and exact colour matches will be dependent on the surface condition.