a.b.e. Construction Chemicals, part of Saint-Gobain Africa, offers a wide range of silicone sealants to the hardware retail market and contractors.

The well-known range includes:

  • A multi-purpose sealant, ideal to create hygienic exterior and interior seals, a.b.e. acetoxy silicones are packaged in cartridges and available in white, clear, black, and grey;
  • A flexible, paintable filler with fast-curing qualities allows for painting after only an hour. Paintersmate acrylic sealant is available in brilliant white, and is an industry-known brand;
  • a.b.e. chemical anchor GP is a low VOC, styrene free, polyester resin chemical anchor suitable for a wide variety of uses where structural anchoring from medium to heavy loads on brick, masonry, concrete, marble, natural stone and wood is required.
  • theWorks PRO sealant and adhesive is a MS polymer that secures and seals any substrate even in wet conditions.
  • Dowsil 813C (neutral cure) and flexothane 27 (hybrid polyurethane) are a.b.e.’s joint sealants that perform even in the toughest conditions.

Paintersmate can be applied by both contractors and DIY home improvers as a crack/gap filler on window and door frames, skirting boards, ceilings, walls, architraves and plasterboard.  It is fast cured and paintable in 1 hour with moderate 12% joint movement and water resistant once cured.

Flexothane 27 is a VOC-free moisture curing sealant, based on Hybrid technology. It gets used as a general joint sealer and provides good adhesion to cementitious and steel substrates with 50% movement capability.


flexothane 27

Other reasons to consider when choosing the right sealant for crack, gap and joint sealing, include:

  • one component, easy to gun
  • has a non-sag consistency
  • good adhesion on the most common construction materials
  • can be painted with water and/or solvent-based paints
  • good weathering and ageing properties
  • can be applied vertically or horizontally

Silicone, Sealants and Adhesives