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a.b.e. Surface hardeners have won wide support from flooring industry

Among the extensive range of flooring systems from a.b.e. Construction Chemicals are two popular and effective surface hardeners for industrial floors: abeplate and abecron C LA. a.b.e. Construction Chemicals – for decades trusted suppliers for both contractors and...

a.b.e. has a wide range of products for essential civil engineering projects

a.b.e.® Construction Chemicals, major supplier of specialised construction products, has for many decades supplied a wide range of products for the construction and maintenance of essential civil engineering infrastructural facilities throughout South Africa. a.b.e.®...

Saint-Gobain Africa introduces Tekbond South Africa

Tekbond product range offers adhesives, masking tapes, PU sealants and 1K expansion foams, Hybrid sealants, silicone and acrylic sealants.

Saint-Gobain Africa appoints Othman Benjelloun-Touimi as new CEO

My background, having lived, studied, and worked in multiple countries will allow me to grasp both the differences and the similarities within the African continent. My objective is to promote a pragmatic approach with strong local teams dedicated to our local customers still leveraging the Saint-Gobain worldwide expertise in light and sustainable construction.

Saint-Gobain completes its acquisition of CHRYSO

Saint-Gobain completes its acquisition of CHRYSO


Saint-Gobain today announces having entered into an agreement to acquire Chryso, a leading global player in the construction chemicals market providing differentiated and innovative solutions.

‘Best practice’ decision proves best move on many fronts for a.b.e.

‘Best practice’ decision proves best move on many fronts for a.b.e.

a.b.e. has introduced a policy of ‘best practice’

A technique of best practice was implemented that meant workflow maximisation, increased automation, and slashing of production costs.