Dustless Technology

Makro Cornubia, Mount Edgecombe (KZN)
abe.cron LA


Cementitious systems, hard wearing and high abrasion resistant.  Fast track, self smoothing or structural needs.

*a.b.e.®dur S is a blend of very hard, high wearing natural aggregates, shrinkage compensated cement, free from metallic material, used to produce a hard wearing granolithic type floor. In flooring applications its main use is surfacing areas operating under very wet or dry conditions and/or subject to extreme wear internally or externally. Due to its ultra high strength and high abrasion properties makes it ideal for quick turnaround applications.

*a.b.e.®cron LA is a non-metallic, modified level assisting natural aggregate, dry shake surface hardener, that is ready-to-use for:

  • hardening indoor and outdoor concrete surfaces subject to light or moderate traffic.
  • applied over freshly levelled and floated concrete, providing a low cost solution for hardening new industrial, commercial or residential concrete floors.
  • areas where attractive, more uniform colour is desired to enhance the appearance of the floor and the working environment.
  • warehousing and storage areas, automotive maintenance areas and other maintenance facilities.
  • shopping centres, motels, schools, theatres, hospitals, car parks, pavements, driveways and patios.

*a.b.e.®screed SLCP is a self-levelling compound pumpable fast-track screed for levelling floors where quick setting is essential. It can be hand applied by trowel from 0 – 20 mm thick or can be pumped 4 – 20 mm thick. It is ideal for fast-track refurbishment and new construction where finishes such as carpets, ceramic tiles, vinyl, wood block or cork need to be applied quickly, typically in office buildings, dwellings, shops, public buildings, schools, hospitals and airports.

*a.b.e.®screed dura.Top is a quick hardening, self-smoothing, shrinkage compensated overlay for levelling floors which can be laid at thicknesses up to 30 mm, with a minimum of 6 mm when pumped or laid by hand. It is ideal for fast-track refurbishment and new construction where there is a demand for smoothing floors in factories, workshops and warehouses; raising floor levels; and structural strengthening. It may be used alone or including a seal coat, namely a.b.e.®seal finisol and/or in combination with an a.b.e.® epoxy or polyurethane topping to provide better aesthetics and increased resistance to wear and chemical attack.

Heavy duty applications High strength and abrasion resistance Cementitious a.b.e.®dur S
Surface hardener High abrasion resistance, natural, level assist, dustless a.b.e.®cron LA
Self-smoothing Fast track, pumpable, trafficable a.b.e.®screed SLCP
Fast track overlay a.b.e.®screed dura.Top