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a.b.e.® Construction Chemicals’ range of specialised floor coatings are screeds based on bitumen, dry shake cementitious materials, self levelling cementitious screeds, epoxies and polyurethanes. Typical applications are the protection of concrete floors and screeds against wear from traffic abrasion, as well as a range of chemical and thermal shock requirements. Certain products can also be used to provide decorative floor finishes to car showrooms, hardware stores, supermarkets and other retail outlets.

Dry Shakes
Surface hardener High abrasion resistance, metallic Cementitious abe.®plate
High abrasion resistance, natural Cementitious abe.®cron
High abrasion resistance, natural, level assist, dustless Cementitious abe.®cron LA
Light duty applications Sealer, enhance performance/finish Epoxy abe.®cote 436
Durable, damp substrate, water based abe.®cote 337 tough epoxy paint
Medium duty applications Durable, decorative, enamel abe.®cote 320
Hi-build, durable and decorative abe.®cote 400 HB
High abrasion resistance, natural Polyurethane abe.®cote clear PUD
Decorative, chemical, UV & abrasion resistant abe.®cote clear PU paint (clear)
abe.®cote 441
For cementitious systems Sealer, moisture insensitive Acrylic emulsion abe.®seal finisol
Heavy duty applications Very high chemical resistance Epoxy abe.®cote SF 217
High chemical resistance, flexible, cold tar abe.®cote SF 356
Floor repairs, light to medium duty Flowable & hard wearing Cementitious abe.®rep 710
Rapid fix mortar for patch repairs in concrete floors Dustless, chloride free, fast setting 30 MPa in 28 days Cementitious abe.®rep FS
Medium duty applications Self-levelling, decorative, chemical resistance Epoxy abe.®flo
Flexible, heat & chemical resistance Polyurethane abe.®flo HPU
Heavy duty applications Flexible, hard wearing, self healing Bitumen abe.®co mastic
High strength and abrasion resistance Cementitious abe.®dur S
Very high chemical resistance Epoxy abe.®cote SF 217
High chemical resistance, cold tar abe.®cote SF 356
Chemical abrasion resistance, decorative abe.®screed
Self-levelling, flexible, heat & chemical resistance Polyurethane abe.®flo HPU
Chemical abrasion resistance, decorative abe.®screed PU
Self-smoothing Rapid hardening cement based screed for levelling floors where quick setting is essential. Cementitious abe.®screed SLCP FS
Fast track, pumpable, trafficable

abe.®screed SLCP

abe.®screed SLCP 25

abe.®screed SLCP 15

Fast track overlay abe.®screed dura.Top
Decorative Solutions
Medium duty applications Textured, decorative cementitious overlay Cementitious CHRYSO®Texture Top
Decorative, finishing and medium CHRYSO®Beton Cire Finishing
Used in decorative concrete systems CHRYSO®Beton Cire Grip
Polished or nano-etched, decorative, cementitious overlay CHRYSO®GraniCrete
Luminescent concrete CHRYSO®Lumin P+
Decorative carved concrete CHRYSO®VerticArt
General purpose white Portland cement (CEM II/B-L 42,5N) abe.®CEM-blanc
Case Hardening
Anti dusting Case hardened, tough surface, chemical bonding Silicate solution CHRYSO® conseal
Screeds Wet to dry bonding, excellent adhesion Epoxy epidermix 116
Screed adhesive Improves adhesion and strength Resin polymer dura.latex
Bitumen screed / coating Versitale screed Bitumen flintkote 3
abe.®co mastic
For steel Anti-corrosive, single pack Epoxy abe.®cote 384
For steel & other porous surfaces Primer & undercoat abe.®cote 386
For epoxy flooring systems General purpose, solvent free, chemical resistant abe.®cote primer
For green concrete Curing, sealing & primer abe.®prime GCP
For cementitious systems Sealing & adhesion Acrylic emulsion abe.®prime SLC acrylic primer
For abe.®screed and abe.®flo HPU systems Adhesion, pore sealer and moisture barrier Polyurethane PU/HPU Primer
For concrete floors Reduces moisture vapour emission and surface primer, low viscosity Epoxy abe.®cote vapour barrier
Coving / Wall Render
Heavy duty coving / wall render Chemical resitance, high / low temperature Polyurethane abe.®screed PU CG
Concrete curing ASTM C309 curing compound Solvent based dura.cure SBC
Cleaning Agent
Cleaning Agent Commercial Grade Medium alkaline, degreasing detergent cleaner abe.®floor Cleaning Agent Commercial Grade

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