abedex torch-applied waterproofing membranes

a.b.e.® launches a wide range of quality waterproofing membranes developed for the S.A. market

abedex.® AR

Reinforced anti-root membrane for roof gardens and planter boxes.

abedex.® AT

Asphalt tolerant waterproofing membrane for bridges, decks and trafficable areas.

abedex.® F-SR

Single reinforced waterproofing membrane used for flat and inverted roof systems.

abedex.® HM

High movement waterproofing membrane for the most varied applications.

abedex.® unigum

Dual reinforced waterproofing membrane for general waterproofing, flat roofs, (suited for hotter climatic conditions).

abedex® V-SR

Single reinforced waterproofing membrane on all sloping surfaces; flat, vertical and curved. On different types of substrates.

abe.® torch-on 4mm

Single-reinforced waterproofing torch-on membrane, for retail hardware market.