a.b.e.® has launched the abedex.® range, its own brand of torch-applied waterproofing membranes especially developed and formulated for the South African market.

a.b.e.®, which is this year celebrating the 90th anniversary of its founding, is part of Saint-Gobain Africa and the new abedex.®torch-on waterproofing membranes will be produced to a.b.e.® specifications by Bituver Italy, which – with over 50 years of experience – is also a Saint-Gobain brand.

MD Rob Winter,  says a.b.e.® has extensive experience of the Southern African waterproofing market and its special requirements having distributed and established the Index range, also manufactured in Italy, in SA since the 1990s.

“From January 1 next year, we will no longer be importing Index after a mutually-agreed separation. The Saint-Gobain Group has its own resources internally to supply torch-on membranes via its Bituver subsidiary and, based on our unequalled experience, technical knowledge and specification of the South African waterproofing market, a.b.e.® will now supply the market with its own brand of abedex.® membranes. The abedex.® products will still carry a.b.e.®’s customary 10-year warranty and we will continue to offer site assistance, inspections and technical support as required.”

Winter says the abedex.® polymer membranes are produced in Bituver’s Chieti plant, under stringent quality control of the membrane mixes, their mutual compatibility, mechanical performances of the reinforcement, and the quality of the surface finishes. Bituver membranes have been CE-marked since September 2006 which means that the products conform with strict European health, safety, and environmental protection standards. Bituver, furthermore, produces “ECO” versions of its membranes, certified according to UNI EN ISO 14021: 2016 environmental standards. “With an exceptionally high content of recycled materials, the ECO versions are ideal when specifications call for sustainable design,” Winter adds.

He says in formulating the new range, a.b.e.® has developed an abedex.® waterproofing membrane for every possible site requirement which means that the abedex.® range of waterproofing membranes will be as wide-ranging as a.b.e.® previously supplied.

The abedex.® range, used with bituprime, include:

* abedex.® unigum 3 & 4 mm and abedex unigum 4,5 kg mineral slate.

* abedex.® AR 4 mm (anti-root) and abedex.® AT 4 mm (asphalt tolerant).

*abedex.® V-SR 3 & 4 mm, abedex.® F-SR 4 mm (single-reinforced membranes), and abedex.® F-SR 4,5 kg mineral slate.

* abedex.® torch-on 4mm and abedex.® HM 4mm (high movement).

abedex.® waterproofing membranes will add to the many widely applied and specified a.b.e.® waterproofing systems that include brixeal, malthoid, super laycryl, duraflex®, bituseal, super laykold, silvakotehydroproof and abe.®proof.

Full details of the new abedex.® membranes and their technical specifications and drawings can be accessed through the company’s website, www.abe.co.za.