Havanna Hills Wine Estate, Western Cape
abe.cote tough epoxy paint (WD 337)


Epoxy and polyurethane systems.


a.b.e.®cote 337 tough epoxy paint is a protective, decorative and oil resistant coating for cementitious, masonry and asphaltic surfaces. It gets widely used because it can easily be overcoated at any time for maintenance and is very economical.

a.b.e.® flooring resin can be used as a:

– primer/pore sealer for suitably prepared cementitious substrates;
– for subsequent epoxy or polyurethane coating/screed applications;
– clear sealed finish to diamond ground concrete for the Shoprite DC in Cape Town;
– or fine sand bulked up for a scraper coat repair work prior to two-part decorative floor application finishes.

a.b.e.®cote 320 is an epoxy enamel coating which is a decorative and protective coating for most surfaces not exposed to extensive sunlight.  a.b.e.®cote 320 provides an economical hard finish, which offers surfaces improved abrasion resistance and aesthetic finish and is suitable for walls and containment areas free of extensive sunlight. Excellent for resistance to sugar, solvents, salt spray, several chemicals.

Light duty applications Seal, enhance performance/finish Epoxy a.b.e.®cote 436
Durable, damp substrate, water based a.b.e.®cote 337 tough epoxy paint
Medium duty applications Durable, decorative, enamel a.b.e.®cote 320
Hi-build, durable and decorative a.b.e.®cote 400 HB
High duty applications Very high chemical resistance a.b.e.®cote SF 217
High chemical resistance, flexible, cold tar a.b.e.®cote SF 356