Specialised systems

Turbine Hotel and Spa, Knysna
abe. flo HPU


Polyurethane, heavy duty, chemical resistant.

a.b.e.®flo HPU is a poly-urethane self-levelling mortar that can be applied between 2 and 6 mm. It provides a heavy duty, thermally shock resistant, hard wearing floor finish with exceptional chemical resistance. Typical areas of application include food processing factories, chemical processing plants, and pharmaceutical production for use in wet and dry processes and where the floor is subjected to hot fluid spillage steam cleaning, heavy traffic, impact and chemical attack.

a.b.e.®screed PU offers the same as a.b.e.®flo HPU, but also with the ability to resist heat of up to 120 °C and is applied at 6 to 10 mm thick.

a.b.e.®screed PU (CG) is a polyurethane coving and render mortar which compliments a.b.e.®screed PU by providing a coving and rendering finish to floor screed applications and may be applied from a feather edge to 12 mm thick on vertical applications.

Heavy duty applications Self-levelling, flexible, heat and chemical resistance Polyurethane a.b.e.®flo HPU
Chemical resistance, high/low temperature a.b.e.®screed PU
Heavy duty coving and wall render Chemical resistance, high/low a.b.e.®screed PU CG