With home renovations a priority for many in this lockdown year, CHRYSO® decorative concrete solutions supplied by a.b.e.® are increasingly in demand, says Peter Jones, a.b.e.’s® National Sales Manager: Flooring.  

a.b.e.®, part of the CHRYSO® Southern Africa Group, is experiencing particularly strong demand for four innovative and relatively new decorative concrete products:

                * The highly unusual CHRYSO® LuminTech luminescent concrete surfaces; and

                * Three transforming dry powders containing cement, minerals, and additives: CHRYSO® Béton Ciré Finishing, CHRYSO® Texture Top, and CHRYSO® GraniCrete.

Jones says CHRYSO® LuminTech particles absorb UV light (natural or artificial) during the day and emit striking “Jade” Green Turquoise or “Agate” Blue Turquoise light in a dark or very low light environment. The particles’ main component is a highly durable recycled polymer. By day, it looks like natural aggregates, but when dusk arrives these are transformed into spectacular exterior ground surfaces. The product is very popular as swimming pool surrounds, garden paths and walkways, terraces, cycle paths, and at unlit road roundabouts.

“The contemporary and durable CHRYSO® Béton Ciré Grip offers a host of applications for the hotel, residential and tertiary sectors. Applied with spray hopper gun or trowel to obtain the desired finish, the product can be used to smoothen floors with blowholes or surface irregularities, and allows for the coverage of large surfaces in a short time (about 200 m² per day, on average). The Béton Ciré system – which includes CHRYSO® Béton Ciré Finishing as final coating – can be pigmented to obtain different colours to complement various finishes”, Jones explains.

 The CHRYSO® Béton Ciré system is suitable for renovations as well as new construction, both indoor and outdoor, and over tiles. Available in a wide range of architectural features including warm earth colours, the product can be utilised as a plain, burnished or coloured skim application to walls, floors and ceilings. It is also ideal for columns, stairways, architraves and facades; counter tops; and concrete and MDF wood furniture. CHRYSO® Béton Ciré is proving popular as the decorative highlight of stores, restaurants, commercial buildings, hotels, bathrooms, patios and show rooms.

Jones says CHRYSO® Texture Top can be used to renovate and repair existing concrete surfaces. At an application thickness of 2 mm or less, this thin anti-slip coating offers excellent mechanical resistance and is available in a standard range of colours to compliment various finishes. “The product is a simple and durable solution to renovate and add aesthetic value to surfaces around swimming pools, paths, terraces, driveways, patios, floors and stairs, as well as interior and exterior walls of both commercial and residential properties,” he explains.

Finally, Jones adds that CHRYSO® Granicrete overlay can transform any concrete slab into an impressive, continuous seamless granite surface. This product is ideal for new concrete projects where a non-slip sanded effect is desired and its exposed aggregate concrete – with a warm, natural look – is a great option for outdoor areas such as terraces, pavements, swimming pool surrounds, and walkways.