Decorative Concrete Solutions.  We offer a  comprehensive range of solutions for new projects or renovations for residential, tertiary or urban developments.

Beton Cire
Texture Top


Imagine contemporary and durable interiors, CHRYSO® Béton Ciré is a millimetric decorative overlay for interior walls and floors. It is a multi-coating process for medium duty applications on floors, walls, furniture and worktops. It is durable and resistant, easy to maintain and comes in a wide range of colours.  Decorative millimetric Béton Ciré offers applications for tertiary developments such as restaurants, hotels, offices, stores and residential areas such as living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms. CHRYSO® Béton Ciré Grip are used in decorative concrete systems.

LuminTech® technology makes decorative horizontal surfaces glow brightly in the dark. It takes the form of coloured inserts of particles that are incorporated into the concrete. CHRYSO® Lumin P+ is available in jade and agate particles and offers excellent abrasion resistance and luminensence for over 10 hours. Particles are made using recycled materials and minerl pigments.  Ideal for pavements, cycle paths and roundabouts, patios, walkways, pool decks, interior floors and walls.

Turn old concrete into a new textured surface, CHRYSO® Texture Top is a millimetric decorative, non-slip cement based overlay with high durability and strength for medium duty applications. Can be sprayed on using a spray gun, towel smoothed or broomed.  Ideal for residential developments such as patios, pool decks, paths and stairs as well as for urban developments such as pavements, road areas, alleys and garden/communal areas.

Give your concrete a sanded texture, CHRYSO® GraniCrete transforms a concrete slab into a continuous seamless or sanded polish surface.   Non-slip, uniform and fine sanded texture which comes in a range of colours. It can be used to create monolithic horizontal surfaces which has an appearance and feel, suitable for both urban and residential developments.

CHRYSO®Texture Top

Medium duty applications Textured, decorative, cementitious overlay Cementitious CHRYSO® Texture Top
Decorative, finishing and medium CHRYSO®Béton Ciré Finishing
Used in decorative concrete systems CHRYSO®Béton Ciré Grip
Polished or nano-etched.  Decorative, cementitious overlay CHRYSO®Granicrete
Luminescent concrete CHRYSO®Lumin P+