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General Construction Products

a.b.e.® Construction Chemicals supplies a wide range of construction commodity products which include a range of shutter release agents, curing compounds, drainage products, malthoids, non-shrink grouts and high strength mortars. There are also agricultural and timber products, as well as some preservative wood products (carbolineum and creosote) sold by a.b.e.®.

The automotive industry is supplied with underbody sealants, high temperature gasket sealants and other allied industries, making this segment very comprehensive.

a.b.e.®s range of timber protection products is based on bitumen and creosote. a.b.e.® manufactures an industry standard range of wound protection products used in grafting, pruning and tree surgery.

a.b.e.®’s range of automotive and industrial products is based on bitumen, silicone and polyurethane. Typical applications include underbody coatings for vehicles, automotive sealants, high temperature gasket sealants. Sealants are sold to shower manufacturers and coatings to the air-conditioning and pipe industry.

An overview of which products are suitable for specific applications

Structural bonding dry to dry concrete, steel & bricks High strength, non-slump, non-shrink Epoxy epidermix 350
External carbon fibre structural reinforcement, use with dura.fibre CFP Non-shrink, excellent adhesion, high strengths and solvent free dura.fibre CFP adhesive
Laminating/impregnating resin used in conjunction with dura.fibre CFW Solvent free, self-priming and excellent adhesion to substrates dura.fibre CFW resin
Bonding mortar/plaster applications & integral admixture Good bond, economical Synthetic resin abe.® bond plastergrip
Polymer modified cement based mortar adhesive used to bond concrete blocks/bricks together instead of traditional thick mortar bedding system Provide a thin, excellent adhesion, very strong bond between block/brick faces with water resistant barrier between joints Cementitious abe.®fix TBM (thin bed mortar)
Coatings / Sealers
Protective coating for steel, concrete & timber Corrosion protection to most surfaces Epoxy coal tar abe.® cote 352
Protect cementitious, metallic surfaces, water tanks & piping Potable water, mild chemical resistance Bitumen ravenol
Corrosion inhibitor & primer / coating for steel surfaces Quick drying, thixotropic Epoxy abe.® cote 384
Primer/sealer for porous surfaces, concrete, plaster, fibre cement & timber. Undercoat for epoxy or PU finishes in multi-coat systems on metal Versatile primer for epoxies & polyurethanes, long pot life abe.® cote 386
Lining of surfaces to prevent build-up of low abrasion materials, particularly feed meal silos Solvent free epoxy to improve slip factor abe.® cote SF 321
Penetrating liquid with hydrophobic properties applied to concrete, stone & face brickwork Protection against chlorides, carbon dioxide ingress, reduces corrosion, efflorescence & organic growth Silane siloxane dura.sil SH
Curing Compounds
Shutter release agent Excellent release agent, economical Oil emulsion dura.strip
Curing membrane for concrete, masonry surfaces Clear & white pigmented for light reflectance, meets ASTM requirements Wax emulsion Chryso ® Cure WB
Wax emulsion & fugitive dye Chryso ® Cure WBD
Acrylic emulsion Chryso ® Cure Acrylic
Petroleum resin emulsion white pigmented Chryso ® Cure WP
High performance solvented Chryso ® Cure HPS
Grouting & anchoring bars, bolts & fixing steel into concrete, high strength masonry, brick & rock Applied under water, cures in 45min. Rapid strength gain, pourable & paste consistency Polyester epidermix 725& 725 TX
Anchoring into solid substrates and for use in dry, wet and flooded holes Vinylester formulated, free of styrene, has a very low odor and is ideal for use in confined spaces and indoors Vinylester abe® chemical anchor MAXX
Machine, column, crane rails, wind farm bases & anchor bolts Fluid, rammable, non-shrink, high strength Cementitious dura.grout
Bridge bearings, machine & column bases, anchor bolts Flowable, high strength Epoxy epidermix 324
Bridge bearings, machine bases, structural elements Rammable, high strength epidermix 325
Starter bars vertically down Quick setting, flowable, structural & chemical resistant epidermix 395
Starter bars horizontally or overhead Quick setting, non-flow, structural & chemical resistant epidermix 396
Durable protection layer to fibre cement, insulation boards, rock and concrete wall surfaces Good bond, flexural and tensile strengths, economical, paintable and reduced permeability Cementitious abe® mortar clad
General purpose white Portland cement Aesthetic and decorative, high strength abe.® CEM-blanc
Fast setting patching mortar for concrete & pavement structures High-early final comprehensive strengths, self compacting, chloride free & non-shrink dura. rep FS
Polymer modified high-strength concrete reinstatement mortar with excellent compatibility with concrete in terms of movement Structural grade, repairs with good abrasion resistance and high compressive strengths high chloride and carbon dioxide resistance dura. rep HS
Polymer modified, shrinkage compensated cementitious patching compound in concrete Fibre reinforced, chloride free, non-toxic, applications 5 – 40 mm thick dura.rep P&S
Smoothing of irregular surfaces and blow holes on concrete and masonry to provide a suitable chemical resistant finish Provides an easy workable, trowel applied, thixotropic, non-slump consistency, to receive an appropriate chemical top coat Epoxy Cement dura.rep EC
High strength repair compound for concrete, masonry & brickwork, joint arises, stair treads, and precast units No curing or priming, chemical resistant, cure under damp conditions, high- early/ultimate final comprehensive strengths Polyester epidermix 715
Prevention of regress or ingress of water or liquids through joints in water retaining or excluding structures Withstands a 10 m head of water Polyvinyl chloride dura.joint PVC waterstops
Provide a seal in water retaining structure joints     >10 mm movement Withstands a 50 m head of water Rubber waterstops dura.joint rubber waterstops
Integral sealing for construction joints in case in-situ concrete where conventional waterstops are restricted due to space or access Seals by immediate swelling & by crystallization Swellable waterstop-bentonite dura.joint SW-B
Integral sealing for prefabricated concrete joint construction under conditions of confignment Seals prefabricated concrete element e.g. joints in tunnel and shafts Swellable waterstop-rubber dura.joint SW-R
Provides excellent extension in cross direction and rigid lengthwise as well as strong high-tenacity joint/crack sealing High pressure resistance, excellent lateral and longitudinal elongation Polypropylene, special coated non-woven waterproofing tape
Repairing/sealing of expansion, construction, contraction joints High performance waterproofing bandage Thermoplastic elastomers dura.joint flexband system
Carbon fibre laminate / plate Light weight, quick turn-around time for repair work Carbon fibre plate dura.fibre CFP
Increase load requirements, damage to structures, durability and design or construction defects/changes Light weight, quick turn-around time for repair work Carbon fibre fabric / wrap dura.fibre CFW
High range dust suppressant Surface sealer that aids in suppression of rising dust particles and spores Emulsified dust lubrication CHRYSO.® Eco Dust 200
High range dust suppressant Exhibits excellent dust binding and prolonged water resistance properties Particle size surface poly-adhesive CHRYSO.® Eco Dust 100

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